“This collaboration will put the full weight of our resources, expertise, and reach to help Leaf scale and transform more food and agriculture businesses with the power of the cloud”.”

— Elizabeth Fastiggi, Global Head of Agriculture at AWS

SAN FRANSISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA, March 9, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Leaf, the data infrastructure provider for the food and agriculture industry, today announced the availability of Leaf’s Unified Farm Data API on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace, a curated digital catalog that AWS customers can use to find, buy, deploy, and manage third-party software, data, and services to build solutions and run their businesses. Leaf customers can now use Leaf via the AWS Marketplace to streamline procurement, consolidate their cloud accounts, and take advantage of additional AWS resources.

Precision data, such as planting, application and harvest data, is collected on 70% of the acres in the United States, but this data is stuck in hundreds of proprietary formats. For the past 20 years, the inconsistency of farm data has made it prohibitively difficult for companies to unlock new value for farmers. Leaf solves this problem by offering a unified API that helps companies access, translate, and draw insights from hundreds of sourcess, including data from all major machinery brands, farm management platforms, imagery providers, weather stations, and more. By becoming the common denominator for agricultural data, Leaf’s unified API enables companies to focus their efforts on building value for their customers from data insights without spending time and resources building and maintaining undifferentiated data integrations.

For Leaf, this co-marketing opportunity with AWS amplifies the reach of the company to food and agriculture companies in 150 countries and will dramatically accelerate the product development and benefits of digital technology in the industry. Leaf Co-founder and CEO Bailey Stockdale: “AWS is already used by the majority of companies that work with food and agriculture data, and having our services available in the AWS Marketplace makes the selection and procurement process significantly easier for these businesses to start building new value with farm data. In addition, it allows our customers to consolidate their cloud accounts. Now they can choose to monitor and manage their Leaf usage via their AWS dashboard and move Leaf onto their AWS bill.”

“Agriculture is a data rich industry, but our food system is complex and this data comes in many, often incompatible, forms. Leaf is tackling this interoperability issue and unlocking efficiency and value across the entire agri-food chain,” said Elizabeth Fastiggi, Global Head of Agriculture at AWS. “This collaboration will put the full weight of our resources, expertise, and reach to help Leaf scale and transform more food and agriculture businesses with the power of the cloud”.

Leaf is used around the world by carbon MRV platforms, crop insurance providers, crop input providers, farm management information systems, agricultural retailers, and many other types of businesses. From United Kingdom based crop input and agronomy services provider Hutchinsons, that uses Leaf’s API to connect over 120,000 acres of field and machinery data into their proprietary OMNIA platform, to Brazilian farm management software provider Aegro, that uses Leaf’s API to receive machinery data from companies such as Bayer’s Climate FieldView or John Deere and satellite imagery from Planet Labs–the uses cases for Leaf are endless.

Canada based agri-food system and supply chain company, TheoryMesh, uses Leaf’s API to connect their partners’ machine data to fulfill their Capture and Process product offerings, and USA based Agtech provider Sentinel Fertigation uses Leaf’s API to access field boundaries, machinery data, and satellite imagery from many different sources in order to power their platform and help growers make more profitable fertility and fertigation management decisions, just to name a few examples.

To learn more about Leaf and its collaboration with AWS come meet the Leaf team at the AWS booth during World Agri-Tech in San Francisco on March 14-15.

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Leaf is food and agriculture’s data infrastructure company. Leaf empowers software developers by providing intuitive and reliable tools to build with farm data. By removing the need to build and maintain multiple integrations and related backend infrastructure, we make farm data integrations fast, seamless and standardized with our industry leading API. Learn more at withleaf.io and connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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