Where is the Justice?: Second Edition

“Where is Justice?” Brings Fresh Perspectives and Life-Long Lessons

YORBA LINDA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 12, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — A new book narrates a true to life story of injustices in America that opens tons of lessons and takeaways that will shock readers, in a gripping novel that motivates and warns.

Written by prolific story-teller William Hill, the book “Where is Justice?” talks about Hill’s awe-inspiring personal life that gives readers the most intriguing and eye-opening information about deceit, lies, and where the only hope for escape called “justice system” delivered the greatest injustice.

“The government did all that they could to destroy us,” Hill says in his synopsis. “They never liked that I did business with local banks. I only purchased their delinquent properties that they had already foreclosed on, fixed them up, and resold them,” he continues.

Hill says that the government was upset with the big house they built after selling their farm. “I helped a number of people purchase homes, and property for themselves,” he says. The government, according to him, did not like it.

The book tells details about the injustices that he experienced that made him lose his credibility and respect. His professional license got revoked along the process.

“Where is Justice?” exposes the deepest secrets according to Hill’s account. Hill says that he and his family always worked very hard and tried to help others get ahead and experience a good life. Although he and his family worked very hard and devoted their lives to helping others, the government had “no conscience and destroyed” their lives.

“Helping others is one of the most gratifying things I want to do in life,” Hill says. He said that to be able to help others succeed is his mantra of living in peace and fulfillment. Unfortunately, an unexpected turn of events turned Hill’s life around, and brought him into a nightmare fueled by abusive people and an unjust system.

Hill believes that for America to achieve greatness, we need people to care for others and uplift each other’s lives. This has become his life’s guide in everything that he does.

Let Hill’s story inspire and blow your minds through a tell-all narration written to give warning, inspiration and upliftment of lives.

“Where is Justice?” is now available on Amazon and other digital bookstores worldwide.

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