SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 6, 2022 / — Life is full of changes that are inevitable. Everyone faces transitions, such as divorce, career change, becoming an empty nester, facing retirement, having a baby, moving, and as we approach a new phase in life it can shift us into uncertainty, excitement, fear, and doubts. When we are faced with new adjustments it is an excellent opportunity to seek support from a highly qualified professional who can help us expertly navigate our journey, clear our mental clutter and get clarity so we can move forward with confidence and a purposeful optimistic outlook ready to live the life we truly wish to live.

Ellen Rothstein is a certified Life Transition Coach, an exhibiting artist, and a contributing author for She Is You, a supportive community helping women in their 40s, 50s reinvent their lives with passion and confidence.

“As a coach I guide and assist individuals facing any type of life transition to help them acquire self-assurance as they envision what their transition will look like, ensuring they gain new insight and fresh perspective. Together we create strategies that are customized and actionable so that they can work through barriers and live life on their own terms.”

Before becoming a coach, Ellen received a B.A. from University of California, Berkeley, and worked as a successful artist for a number of years. After she married and had two children, she worked in advertising and digital media, and after many years of dedicated work she ended up getting laid off. It was an eye opener – as an older woman being in a young tech town it was difficult to get hired. But she worked with a Life Coach who asked her what had given her the greatest satisfaction at work. She realized it was when she was acting as a liaison with people, and she had often been told she was very intuitive. This led her to become a Life Transition Coach, helping others to feel more empowered themselves.

Ellen is known for her practical, direct, relatable and outcome-based approach. Her main objective is to help us understand our core values so when we make pivotal life decisions, we are more aware of what truly matters and aligns with our own core fundamental beliefs. Ellen says that prioritizing our values is how we can make the best possible choices for a more fulfilled life. By re-framing ways to approach obstacles and by tapping into our wisdom we release the blocks holding us back and can make confident choices without regret.

Whether positive or negative, life transitions cause us to leave behind the familiar and embrace change. While change is hard, it can lead us to find our own answers. That’s what Ellen’s coaching focuses on.

“As a coach, I listen to my clients and they do most of the talking. I am not giving advice or directing anyone regarding what they should do. Through their own exploration and my relevant questioning, they move forward.”

Ellen encourages us to always be true to ourselves.

“When we listen to our inner voice, we are being authentic to who we really are because we are being honest about what is most important to us. By confronting our fears and roadblocks and freeing our innate wisdom and experience to guide us, we can then develop an actional plan to achieve our aspirations. We will feel uplifted, enlightened, and of value to the world around us so we can live an intentional and purposeful life.”

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