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The Elevated Leader launches October 11, 2022

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Ryan Gottfredson, author of The Elevated Leader

A new era requires a new brand of leadership.

To elevate as a leader, you need to focus on improving your ‘being,’ not just your ‘doings.’”

— Ryan Gottfredson

ANAHEIM, CA, USA, October 11, 2022 / — As society continues to emerge from isolation and we head towards a post-pandemic world, it feels a lot like the dawn of a new era. Light Your Leadership Inc. will be releasing a series of articles that shine a light on the need to evolve, elevate, and scale your leadership. Doing so can set us up to be a greater positive influence today and into the future.

This article shines a light on Ryan Gottfredson, Phd, a Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-selling author, who is launching his second book, The Elevated Leader: Level Up Your Leadership Through Vertical Development.

Ryan is on a mission to transform leadership development.

Why? Because leadership development is broken. Despite organizations investing $366 billion in leadership development annually, research has found that 75% of organizations do not agree that their leadership development efforts are effective.

Ryan says, “This poor statistic is not because of a lack of investment or effort. It is the result of focusing on the wrong form of development.”

In The Elevated Leader, Ryan introduces a form of development that most organizations overlook, but is necessary for actually helping leaders dramatically improve their leadership. It is a form of development called “vertical development,” which differs from the traditional form of development called, “horizontal development.”

Horizontal development focuses on helping people improve their knowledge and skills. It emphasizes helping leaders to “do” better. It is similar to downloading a new app onto an iPad. That new app will broaden the iPad’s functionality. Similarly, gaining knowledge and skills will broaden what leaders can do. But just as adding a new app onto an iPad won’t improve how effectively the iPad operates as a whole, gaining more knowledge and skills won’t necessarily improve a leader’s abilities to effectively navigate the rising change, pressure, uncertainty, and complexity that leaders have to face.

Our inability to help leaders improve their abilities to overcome these various challenges is why we need to focus more on vertical development.

Vertical development focuses on helping people improve their cognitive and emotional sophistication. It emphasizes helping leaders to “be” better. It is not downloading a new app onto an iPad. Rather, it is like upgrading the iPad’s operating system so that it can perform more effectively and complete more complex tasks. Similarly, vertical development is about upgrading a leader’s internal operating system so that they can operate more effectively, particularly amidst the ever-changing complexity of the modern workplace, especially post-pandemic.

For a helpful overview of these two forms of development, see the video What is Vertical Development?

The Elevated Leader focuses on answering five questions:
1. What is vertical development?
2. Why is vertical development so important?
3. What are the three different vertical development levels?
4. What level do I tend to operate from?
5. How can I vertically develop so I operate from a higher vertical altitude?

To help readers do the work of vertical development, The Elevated Leader comes with a free microlearning tool powered by Qstream called the Digital Vertical Development Coach. This tool is specifically designed to help readers: (1) upgrade their internal operating system, (2) enhance retention of the content in the book, (3) deepen self-awareness, and (4) enhance one’s intentionality about their leadership.

Of this addition, Ryan says, “No other book on the market comes with a cutting-edge tool that has scientifically been proven to dramatically enhance retention of what one learns when reading a book. This can be a game-changer in the publishing world.”

In all, if you want to elevate yourself, your team, and/or your organization, The Elevated Leader is a must-read.

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