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Los Angeles Psychic Jack Rourke explains psychic connection with Hollywood

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Hollywood Insider explains why mystics have a secret influence on powerful political and Entertainment elites.

Celebrities turn to psychics for help making tough decisions about their career, love life, or sometimes intimately personal things when they do not trust those closest.”

— Jack Rourke

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, June 22, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Psychic readings are often mistaken for a naive working-class indulgence. This is not true. For centuries psychics have provided guidance to the rich and influential. According to the Greek historian Herodotus, King Croesus was among the wealthiest men in the world when he sought advice from the Oracles of Delphi.

A century before Tyler Henry made talking to the dead trendy, spiritualist mediums were media darlings. Psychics such as the Fox sisters and DD Home were international celebrities and frequent guests of royalty. Abraham and Mary Lincoln held seances hosted by psychic medium Charles Colchester in the Whitehouse. Franklin D. Roosevelt and Richard Nixon consulted psychic Jean Dixon in the Oval Office. And, Nancy Reagan consulted with psychic Joan Quigley on behalf of President Ronald Reagan.

Celebrities love psychics too. Kim Kardashian tweeted about a reading she had in 2019. Brad Pitt reportedly consulted with psychic Ron Bard for 20 years. A psychic predicted Taylor Swift’s fame at age 12. Ellen DeGeneres credits an astrologer who predicted her success. Prince Harry confessed to a psychic meeting in his memoir, Spare. And, Helena Bonham Carter shared with Vogue how an astrologer helps her find her intuition and develop characters for film.

Los Angeles Psychic Jack Rourke, the author of The Rational Psychic, helps movie stars select film roles, intuit character choices, navigate cast conflicts, and handle all manner of personal and professional challenges. According to Rourke, there are three surprising reasons rich and famous celebrities love psychics.

1. Psychics help celebrities make tough decisions
Celebrities turn to psychics for help making tough decisions about their career, love life, or sometimes intimately personal things when they do not trust those closest. Rourke refuses to name names. But says his political and celebrity clients can feel used and suspicious. Though they are living their dreams, after a point it can seem everyone is dependent upon the star and no one tells them the truth. Rourke says his high-profile clients want selfless support that feels like love for their person, not their purse or image.

2. Psychics help celebrities stay grounded
It is easy for celebs to get caught in a fake reality based on the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. But at the end of the day, they are just like us. Psychics help celebrities stay grounded in what is important. After three decades working as a professional psychic in Los Angeles, Rourke states some celebrities just call to talk. Long-term clients feel like old friends. We talk about what matters. Family, love, aspirations, and how to achieve goals.

Being a psychic requires empathy and a willingness to see people deeply for who they really are rather than how we need them to be. The supernatural is not always what helps the celebrity find their way home to what is real inside. “Helpful” is a willingness to share feelings, genuinely care, be real, and never betray the celeb’s confidence.

3. Psychics help celebrities manage connections with fans
The relationship between fans and celebrities can be complicated. Rourke helps his famous clients connect with the public by providing personalized fan engagement strategies that are consistent with his client’s needs. Sometimes Rourke explains a fan’s disposition or motives to reassure his celebrity client. Other times, Rourke will issue warnings. Famous people are human beings, says Jack. They deserve the love and safety they need to create and live their art. In some ways being a psychic is both caregiver and protector, notes Rourke.

Dealing with the shadow side of fame is what Rourke says can be hard. Public figures often feel under siege or obligated to meet what are unreasonable public expectations that feel unsafe just so their careers, and seemingly their families can survive. Yes, there are perks to being famous. But celebrities are also held to inhuman standards of beauty and emotional equanimity. They are publicly shredded on Twitter and in tabloids for aging, gaining weight, saying something unpopular, or just having a bad hair day. Even worse is when a celeb is gaslit into defending themselves against an exploitative fabricated news story designed to sell magazines. Rourke knows firsthand how supermarket tabloids work. He once vouched for an actor in an interview during which the reporter confessed, he knew the potentially career-ending story about the artist was false, but said he was just doing his job.

The glare of the public eye can be suffocating, leaving little room for privacy or personal reflection. Celebrities, needing respite from public scrutiny, turn to psychics privately as trusted confidants. In the serene space of a psychic reading, away from prying eyes, stars can freely express their dreams and concerns and get hope and strategy for moving forward. This escape from the spotlight provides a rare sense of liberation, where celebrities can momentarily shed the burden of their public persona and reflect inward.

The fascination of celebrities visiting psychics is a testament to the universal human desire for personal connection, validation, and self-discovery. Despite their fame and fortune, celebrities face unique challenges that propel them toward seeking solace and insights from the mystical realm. The allure of psychics lies in their ability to offer a glimmer of love and certainty in a world characterized by uncertainty and constant scrutiny.

We need our heroes, says Rourke. It is okay to admire an artist. It is just important to remember celebrities are real people with feelings who deserve their boundaries respected like anyone else. Abiding by boundaries can look like expressing admiration for a celeb’s work rather than commenting on their personal lives. It can also mean sharing a kind word, and a warm smile. These especially can inspire genuine appreciation. This, Rourke says, is the best way to be an unforgettable star in the eyes of one’s favorite celebrity. ♦

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