LiveRamp boosts Lytics’ unified platform for data management, data pipeline, and identity enrichment

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, June 13, 2023/ — Lytics, a next-generation customer data platform (CDP), and LiveRamp, the leading data collaboration platform, today announce a strategic partnership that will give marketers a unified platform to better understand their customers, and deliver personalized experiences across all touchpoints. Powered by LiveRamp’s pseudonymous, people-based identifier – RampID – Lytics will serve as a single platform for data management, data pipeline, and identity enrichment, and enable marketers to accelerate their identity-based marketing.

Marketers are increasingly looking for ways to connect with their audiences across all channels, but are held back by the lack of a unified view of their customers. The partnership between Lytics and LiveRamp will help marketers overcome this challenge, providing them with a more complete, accurate, single view of the customer, so they can create more personalized and relevant experiences.

Leveraging RampID, marketers can find the audiences they want, programmatically or directly, and seamlessly activate on RampID across a premier global ecosystem. In addition, RampID can help to power better data collaboration, enabling marketers to more accurately measure the impact of their marketing campaigns, among other benefits.

“We partnered with Google, Lytics, and LiveRamp to create a data platform to consolidate more than 400+ unique attributes across 25M+ unique consumer records from our own database. Powered by machine learning and the marketing tech ecosystem, we are able to qualify barriers to break out potential needs at the ground level,” said Carlos Abrams Rivera, President, North America Zone at Kraft.

The next phase of the partnership will focus on the integration of LiveRamp’s identity capabilities with Lytics’ CDP, and the creation of a unified platform for marketers enabling data management, data pipeline, and identity enrichment, with the goal of increasing the reach and effectiveness of prospect marketing. The central benefit for marketers includes more complete customer profiles through the integration of LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) and online identity services into Lytics data management capabilities. The partnership allows brands to accurately retarget site visitors and power Conversion API signals within cookieless environments via RampID, including Meta’s Conversion API.

“Regulations on data collection – and the phasing out of the third-party cookie – make customer personalization even more critical in the success of campaigns,” said James McDermott, CEO of Lytics. “Together with LiveRamp, marketers can provide consumers with the relevant brand experiences that they expect, across each stage of their buying journey.”

LiveRamp’s premier global ecosystem was built over the past decade. Today, RampID is used to transact with all major digital platforms and almost every top publisher, and is available on more than 14,000 publisher domains.

“More and more brands are choosing CDPs to help them manage their customer data,” said Travis Clinger, SVP, Activations & Addressability, LiveRamp. “Our Lytics partnership helps marketers streamline activation from their CDPs, and enables seamless connectivity into platforms and publishers on RampID.”

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About Lytics
Lytics is the premier customer data platform for Google Cloud customers and the only 100% Google Cloud-native CDP.

Lytics CDP offers a composable and modern architecture that fits with and accelerates your cloud data strategy. Integrated with existing cloud data warehouses, Lytics helps companies build a unified first-party data foundation, resolving identities to construct and maintain comprehensive profiles that are compliant, extensible and accessible. Lytics connects to a robust ecosystem for third-party enrichment and activation using reverse ETL, generative AI, and the most comprehensive set of real-time connections into DSPs and action systems in the industry.

Lytics unique approach enables brands to work without silos from a reliable source of truth, reimagining how they leverage their own customer data to increase customer engagement and boost ROI, empowering business users with the insights and tools they need to drive action while enabling compliance with global consumer data residency and privacy regulations.

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