Introduces Dynamic Customer Profiles & Instant Profile API; Unlocks potential of AI-driven customer experiences with comprehensive customer profile solution

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA , June 22, 2023/ — Lytics, a pioneer in next-generation customer data platforms and AI, today unveiled its innovative Google Cloud Vertex AI-Enriched Customer Profiles and Real-Time Profile API. This trailblazing solution seamlessly integrates Lytics’ extensive AI and ML expertise with Google Cloud’s Vertex AI, providing a robust and comprehensive customer profile foundation for the AI-enabled modern enterprise.

“In today’s AI-driven landscape, customer data has become the bedrock of enterprise success. An in-depth customer profile with hundreds of attributes serves as the ‘Feature Store’ of the future, equipping data science teams to test new models, identify their most valuable customers, and personalize experiences. With Google Cloud Vertex AI enrichment, the Lytics Customer Profile boasts over 200 inferred attributes—more than 4x the average of other CDPs,” said Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, President at Lytics.

Now generally available, the Lytics Customer Profile connects data from hundreds of sources to generate customer profiles that are natively context-aware, with 200+ AI-inferred attributes, over 100 of which are powered directly by Google Cloud’s Vertex AI. The Vertex AI-powered contextual awareness gives customer profiles the ability to understand the context around the data from which they were built — where they came from, at what it means about the behaviors and interests of the person the profile represents.

“Lytics’ new Google Cloud Vertex AI-enriched profile solutions exemplify how our partnership is streamlining many of the tools and processes that businesses use daily,” said Kevin Ichhpurani, Corporate Vice President, Global Partner Ecosystem & Channels, Google Cloud. “From personalizing content to product recommendations, Lytics Customer Profiles and Real-Time Profile API powered by Vertex AI easily builds from existing data sources and activation channels to provide real-time and accurate insights.”

Key Features of Lytics Profile:
-Lytics constructs a Customer 360 in Google Cloud’s BigQuery and other data warehouses, continuously updating and laying the groundwork for an enterprise data moat.
-Lytics’ proprietary intelligence automatically generates valuable attributes for each user with Vertex AI models.
-The Lytics Profile API offers real-time availability for triggers and personalization.
-Lytics Vertex AI-Enabled Customer Profiles feature a wealth of attributes from diverse sources:
-40+ Real-time Behavioral Scores, derived from 9 dimensions per data source or stream.
-30+ Intent and Engagement Model enrichments, offering insights into customer behavior.
-100+ Interests and intent enrichments, based on a Vertex AI-generated taxonomy of over 500 topics.
-30+ Predictive Model enrichments, enabling targeted marketing strategies.
-50+ Standard web and mobile SDK Attributes, providing essential customer data points.
-100+ Email, CRM, and other data source connection attributes for a comprehensive view.

Lytics’ cutting-edge CDP empowers businesses with an industry-leading customer profile solution, enabling them to leverage the full potential of their data and drive exceptional results across their organization.To discover more about Lytics and its groundbreaking Vertex AI-Enabled Customer Profile and Real-Time Profile API, please visit

About Lytics
Lytics is a premier customer data platform for Google Cloud customers and 100% Google Cloud-native CDP.

Lytics CDP offers a composable and modern architecture that fits with and accelerates your cloud data strategy. Integrated with existing cloud data warehouses, Lytics helps companies build a unified first-party data foundation, resolving identities to construct and maintain comprehensive profiles that are compliant, extensible and accessible. Lytics connects to a robust ecosystem for third-party enrichment and activation using reverse ETL, generative AI, and the most comprehensive set of real-time connections into DSPs and action systems in the industry.

Lytics unique approach enables brands to work without silos from a reliable source of truth, reimagining how they leverage their own customer data to increase customer engagement and boost ROI, empowering business users with the insights and tools they need to drive action while enabling compliance with global consumer data residency and privacy regulations.

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