Climbing hills on Magicycle Cruiser Pro

Climbing hills on Magicycle Cruiser Pro

Take uphill challenge with Magicycle Cruiser Pro

Take uphill challenge with Magicycle Cruiser Pro

 Go uphill on Powerful Cruiser Pro

Go uphill on Powerful Cruiser Pro

Magicycle has launched an uphill challenge and invited all Magicycle owners to take part and have fun.

ONTARIO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 23, 2022 / — Magicyclebike, the fast-growing ebike brand, recently launched an impressive uphill challenge. It started on Oct 13th, 2022, and will end on Nov 10, 2022, lasting for nearly one month. All Magicycle owners are qualified to participate in this event. Below are most details about this event.

As mentioned above, all “Magicycle owners” are allowed to take part in this challenge. Importantly, any results made by driving or riding ebikes from other brands are not valid in this activity. All and only Magicycle electric bikes can be used. Here we will make a introduction to them.

1. Magicycle Cruiser (Pro)

The Cruiser series has been the most classic electric mountain bike from Magicycle. It is available in both mid step-thru and step-over models, which are both equipped with a 52V 15Ah large battery and 750W powerful motor, providing riders with an incredible riding experience. There are totally 7 levels of PAS, and the power output of each can be adjusted according to your own needs on the colored LCD display. 

During the first half of 2022, Magicycle released the upgraded Cruiser – Crusier Pro. The upgraded parts include hydraulic disc brakes, a 20Ah larger battery, and a hydraulic front fork. With these upgrades, the Cruiser Pro performs much better and more smoothly, and it is the first option for winning this challenge as the motor can reach the peak power of 1000 Watts.

2.Magicycle Ocelot (Pro)
This is the first step-thru model from Magicycle. And like the Cruiser series, the Ocelot series is available in both standard and pro models. The Ocelot Pro is equipped with a 750W motor, a 52V 20Ah battery, and a pair of hydraulic disc brakes like the Cruiser Pro. For the standard Ocelot, it still has a 15Ah battery and a motor that can run up to 600W. The backlight display should be the most obvious difference. To have a better result in the uphill challenge, choosing the Ocelot Pro is a no-brainer.

3. Magicycle Commuter
Literally, Magicycle Commuter is mainly designed for city commuting. It is so light that you can carry it up and down easily. The battery and brake cables are all hidden inside the frame, and the whole bike looks clean and nice. The most outstanding part is the belt drive. Compared with a chain, a belt can create less, even no noise as it is made to work smoothly. Also, the belt requires much less maintenance and won’t slip off easily like a chain.

4. Magicycle Jaguarundi
Jaguarundi serves as the first folding ebike released from Magicycle. Unlike traditional folding bikes, it is still equipped with a pair of 20” electric bike fat tires to ensure its off-road riding ability. With the hydraulic disc brakes and the 600W motor, it can still go well on bumpy roads.

Apparently, what makes the Jaguarundi so special must be the feature of folding. It is so small when folded that we can fit it in a box. This will be so convenient when it comes to a self-driving tour. You can just put it in a trunk easily without taking up too much space.

Generally, there are 4 types of electric bikes from Magicycle, and it is up to you to make a choice among them. Magicycle has divided this challenge into 3 phases. 

Phase 1: It started on Oct 13th and will end on the 23rd. During this period, each participant needs to shoot a video of them climbing any hill and share it in the Magicycle Community on Facebook or via Magicycle’s official e-mail address at Certainly, they have to measure the hill before climbing. For those who don’t know how to measure a hill, Magicycle provides a reference video. All they need is a clinometer, please check the video link at the bottom.

Phase 2: After phase 1, Magicycle will select 10 participants for the finals based on their rankings. And they can get a free clinometer from Magicycle. To make it to the finals, participants must manage to ride up a hill of at least 15°.

Phase 3: Eventually, the one who climbs the steepest hill will be the champion and will be awarded the top prize. 

Magicycle has prepared a number of prizes for all participants. Each challenger can get 5000 Magicoins and a Magicycle gift package. For the 10 outstanding challengers, the champion will receive a mystery jackpot worth $2000 while each of the remaining 9 challengers will gain a 15Ah battery.

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Reference Video for Measuring a Hill