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there is one that is quite rare – E-SUV. In this post, Magicycle will shed some light on it.

ONTARIO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 30, 2022 / — As one of the most common transportation in the world, there is no doubt that electric bikes are gaining more and more popularity. No matter what age people are, they can use ebikes to do some daily commuting. For the old who hope to get back to cycling, electric bikes are specially designed for them to avoid giving too much effort. People no longer need to pedal hard to get to their destinations.

Over time, a variety of ebike models have emerged. They are made to meet riders’ diverse demands. For example, people tend to ride electric mountain bikes to conquer all kinds of terrain, commuter ebikes are designed for city commuting, and full-suspension electric bikes aim to provide more comfortable rides with better suspension. These are some most common ebike models, but there is one that is quite rare – E-SUV. In this post, Magicycle will shed some light on it.

What does E-SUV stand for?

Here what we mean by E-SUV is not an electric utility sports vehicle. It stands for SUV ebike, which is a kind of full-suspension electric mountain bike. The reason why this model is called E-SUV is that they embody a lot of characteristics of a sports utility vehicle.
Simply, ebike SUVs mix both performance and comfort. It has the features of various electric bike models, including electric mountain bikes, cargo ebikes, and city commuter ebikes. Just like a regular SUV, ebike SUVs are firm and convenient. They have a large load capacity and a full-suspension system. These features make the ebike SUV one of the best ebike models on the market.

What is an E-SUV good for?

Ebike SUVs are designed to handle rugged terrain and for off-road riding. They are equipped with sturdy frames and puncture-resistant fat tires, which make them all-terrain fat tire electric bikes to navigate through mountain bike trails.

Also, ebike SUVs usually have powerful motors, helping riders climb steep hills. These motors feature a strong torque of 96Nm. That is the key factor that riders can ride uphill effortlessly with them. Normally, they are located in the hub of the wheels and can be activated with a throttle or pedals.

Another characteristic of ebike SUVs is that they have a full-suspension system. Compared with hardtail ebikes, which are equipped with only front suspension, ebike SUVs are able to give riders all-around shock absorption. When it comes to riding off-road, ebike SUVs contribute to smoother riding, just like riding on a flat city street. Combined with hydraulic disc brakes, riders could have a better handling and riding experience.

Besides all those most needed features, some ebike SUVs may have a larger load capacity for carrying heavy loads, just like an SUV that has a large carrying capacity as well. This aims to inspire riders to take long rides on ebike SUVs.

Things to Know before buying an Ebike SUV

Having an ebike SUV can tremendously improve the riding experience. It is more like a friend than an electric mountain bike. Before getting to purchase one of them, you need to consider several things as it is quite a big investment.

First thing first, as ebike SUVs are quite different from regular electric bikes, you need to take far more care of them. To put it simply, it is all about maintenance. For instance, after finishing riding off-road, riders should clean the whole bike, keeping it dry and clean. Also, they must keep metal components dry and clean to prevent them from getting rusty.

Both the front and rear suspension of an ebike SUV are the most important components of them. Therefore, they should work perfectly at any time. Once it feels that the expected suspension is gone, it is time to be aware. Maybe there are some problems with the full-suspension system.

What is the best ebike SUV?

So, what is the best ebike SUV? As mentioned above, a high-quality ebike SUV consists of a powerful motor, a full-suspension system, a high-capacity battery, and a sturdy frame. An ebike can’t be called an ebike SUV without any of these. The best ebike SUV should surprise rides with its reliability, versatility, performance, and comfort. Magicycle has an upcoming ebike SUV called Deer. It has not only all the excellent features mentioned above, but it can be the first step-thru full-suspension electric mountain bike on the market. Want to be updated about Magicycle’s brand-new model? Please check out the link below and subscribe to Magicycle.

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