Metta World Peace enters Dish Wireless 5G tower

Metta World Peace enters Dish Wireless 5G tower

AR Experience created in a fraction of the time required to produce an immersive augmented reality experience.

Why limit yourself to the traditional when you can transcend boundaries with augmented reality?”

— Chris Stavros

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA, US, June 9, 2023/ — has joined forces with Magic Leap and BRINK Interactive to create an extraordinary, augmented reality (AR) experience starring Metta World Peace for DISH Wireless’ TeamSummit2023. This innovative project, developed in a record six weeks from idea to realization, leverages makeSEA as the foundation, showcasing a thrilling co-presented AR journey.

Breaking the norms of time and cost associated with traditional app development, this immersive experience was the showstopper of the exhibition. It provided an engaging narrative explaining how data travels across DISH’s remarkable new 5G network, demonstrated by the journey of a picture message sent to a friend.

Chris Stavros, CEO at makeSEA stated, “Why limit yourself to the traditional when you can transcend boundaries with augmented reality? Using content already generated in-house, makeSEA enables you to design captivating AR experiences that engage your audience on a deeper level, creating a connection that no other medium can rival. Dive into this revolutionary form of storytelling with us.

“Visit to begin your journey. Discover how you can develop captivating AR and VR experiences that not only compel and educate but also drive efficiencies for your business, all in a way that’s easy to justify financially.”

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