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NobHub promises to cut down the hassle of paper business cards

… a single contact could be the difference between a successful deal and a bad one. That’s what NobHub helps them with — keeping track of everyone’s business contacts.”

— Vijay Mandelli

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, October 21, 2022 / — ManBroSys LLC, a software development company, is pleased to announce the launch of its newest mobile app called NobHub. This app allows professionals to share information without the hassle of time-consuming paper business cards and is designed to replace them with efficient digital business cards.

For business owners, marketers, entrepreneurs, and salespeople, a digital business card helps them collect and arrange their contacts so they can search for and reach the right people immediately, keep the information updated, and track people more effectively. This is what NobHub is all about.

Swapping business cards is a proven way to introduce oneself to a new business contact. However, in the age of smartphones, it may not be enough. Paper cards are easy to lose and typing all that contact details into the phone’s address book is time-consuming and tedious.

This new mobile app targets the core of the leading productivity issue: removing the struggle of saving paper business cards. A digital business card is more accessible, increases communication, and enhances quality.

According to ManBroSys Founder, Vijay Mandelli, “Entrepreneurs and business professionals are always on the go. Whether they are rushing to an investor meeting or networking at a tech conference, it is important to be able to organize contact information efficiently and quickly. After all, a single contact could be the difference between a successful deal and a bad one. That’s what NobHub helps them with — keeping track of everyone’s business contacts.”

Using NobHub, business professionals can create a digital business card using hundreds of design templates, create individual and group chats, and group their contacts by relevant keywords. One of the most important elements for creating a successful business is communication and NobHub offers unique features that can facilitate communication between team members, partners and even the target audience of your business. These key features are setting up meetings and using shout outs to promote products and services. All of these features combine to make NobHub the ideal platform for all things business.

ManBroSys strives to help its partners and clients by presenting premium professional services that address their business concerns. They pull, recruit and retain only the most efficient, passionate, and knowledgeable individuals, and they offer an associative open culture that allows them to move forward in both personal and professional ways.

NobHub is now available for download on iOS and Android devices.

About ManBroSys LLC

ManBroSys LLC is a software development company headquartered in California. It is a leader in digital and business solutions, partnering with its clients to streamline, improve and transform their businesses. They guarantee only the highest levels of satisfaction and certainty through a deep-set commitment to their clients, inclusive industry expertise, and a global network of innovation.

The company aims to get the most out of its client’s business investments. Their unsurpassed dedication to top-notch and accurate global processes and standards guarantees the solutions they create optimize the time and value of their client’s investment.

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