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CEO, Chris Levine brings on MLB scout Lee Leidig for upcoming Christmas movie.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 2, 2023 / — Margo Neil Pictures, the production company behind the dramatic award-winning movie, Anabolic Life and the hit indie thriller, No Way Out announced today they will be teaming up with MLB recruiter and philanthropist Lee Leidig for their upcoming Christmas movie titled, Saint Nick. Lee will come aboard to help secure financing for the film looking to start production by 2nd quarter of 2023 with a release slated for this coming holiday season.

Owner Chris Levine of Margo Neil Pictures penned the script after he was brought on to produce Alex Lizzul’s first short film, Who’s Watching Who? “When I sat down with Alex and his mother Dawn I knew we needed a project to really showcase Alex’s acting, he’s a phenomenal actor and he’s only 10 years old. I got to work with my team to come up with a project for him as well as something a little different for us.” Margo Neil Pictures has been known for more dramatic movies and plays over the years with the film, Anabolic Life and the horror/thriller No Way Out both available on Amazon Prime and other VOD platforms.

Lee Leidig, owner of Talk Baseball USA is an MLB associate scout, hitting coach and development manager who met Alex and Dawn through baseball. “Dawn Lizzul introduced us to Lee who, admittedly is new to the film industry but excited to bring the connections that he has created over the last 20+ years in the sports world to be a part of our film slate for 2023.” Levine says.

Saint Nick is loosely based on the short film going through the film festival circuit this summer titled, Who’s Watching Who? It’s being written, directed and produced by Chris Levine. It follows police officer Nick Davis (played by Chris as well) who is forced to babysit his 10 year old nephew, Trevor (played by Alex Lizzul) during Christmas weekend. “It’s a mix between my favorite Christmas movies, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and Tim Allen’s Santa Clause mixed in with the comedy and dynamic of Step Brothers.” says Levine.

Pre-production begins next month with principal photography starting in May with a release slated for holiday season this year as well.

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