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Fullerton videographer Ricky Zollinger gives food products a new spin

The ambitious video production company, Ricky Zollinger Media, helps businesses successfully advertise food products with advice in a new article

FULLERTON, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 13, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Ricky Zollinger Media (RZM) is a video production company in Fullerton, California, used to working with ambitious brands. And they aren’t all food-based brands, either.

Working with Johnny Bananas to advertise his new line of Johnny Bananas merch, as well as helping various Los Angeles real estate agents, Ricky Zollinger Media helps brands and business owners add some spice to their advertising and marketing.

Food Marketing With Ricky Zollinger Media

In a new article titled ‘How To Market A New Food Product: Ways To Sell Successfully,’ the L.A. videographer offers sage advice for businesses unfamiliar with marketing their brands.

Zollinger explains, “[One] can broadly define food marketing as the business-customer relationship regarding particular food products. It includes building brand awareness, working with grocery stores, and market testing.

Everything from social media pushes by well-established brands to iconic commercials are examples of food marketing. Everything and anything that aims to bring in customers and have them forking over cash for the newest, most exciting food product is food marketing.

“For example, fast food chains advertising on Twitter is a reliable way to gauge enthusiasm for products. And fast food chains like McDonald’s, need to push the boundaries these days. While they’re household names, they still need to innovate like anyone else.”

And that’s where Ricky Zollinger gives the example of a famous example of IHOP changing its name to ‘IHOB.’ The 2018 marketing move by the beloved pancake house chain caused a stir on social media when it announced it was changing its name to IHOB. The then-mysterious move compelled Twitter followers to guess and speculate about what the ‘B’ stood for. IHOP engaged with its followers, creating a successful food marketing push for the established brand.

Eventually, IHOP revealed that it was introducing burgers to the menu. With the changing landscape of social media, brands’ food marketing needs to be adaptive and quick to adopt market trends and changes.

“Overall, food marketing is highly competitive. Entering the ring unprepared can result in a quick K.O. for people and their businesses if they aren’t adequately prepared. So be prepared!” warns Zollinger.

A Full Package Deal With Ricky Zollinger Media

Another crucial aspect of good food marketing is paying attention to package design. Citing consumer goods giant Proctor And Gamble, Zollinger brings the scientific spin to food products.

“Proctor And Gamble performed a study on food packaging nearly 30 years ago. In the study, customers moving down an aisle spent 1/6th of a second looking at food packaging before deciding to stop and look.”

It turns out that customers browsing the grocery store make positive or negative decisions in a split second.

“Plus, when someone picks up a food package, regardless of familiarity, there’s nearly a 75% chance that the customer will put it in their shopping cart. The packaging of a food product conveys everything. When a customer is browsing through an aisle in the grocery store and locks onto a product, companies don’t want something drab and dull that’ll just blend in.”

Zollinger explains the concept further:

“Brands need to balance aesthetic appeal with packaging that conveys an appetizing quality. Even if a company understands what the food product is attempting to convey, they can’t assume customers will inherently understand.”

And Ricky Zollinger is no stranger to the aesthetic appeal that food products need to succeed. Working with well-known brands like Panda Express, Guyaki, and Vacadillos, Zollinger’s signature renegade style brings its own spice and flavor. The result? These brands stand out in a big way.

Using Social Strategies To Connect Brands With Their Customers

Along with shooting stylish videos, Ricky Zollinger and his company thrive on helping brands connect with customers via social media. With a deep understanding of achieving massive amounts of audience engagement, the Fullerton videographer knows the power of social media. It encourages brands not to let it fall by the wayside.

“Many companies don’t take advantage of social media to do everything they can to market a food product to consumers.”

Zollinger explains that he’s taken aback by how many brands have inactive or inconsistent social media accounts. Not posting consistently, being inactive, and otherwise ignoring a legitimate way to market food products to customers are some of marketing’s cardinal sins.

“This is a secret weapon, and leaving it on the goal line is a colossal waste. Brands could be gaining valuable insight and views on Instagram Reels and generally getting a feel for what customers respond favorably towards. Sure, there might be some trolls mixed in with genuine reactions. But don’t let any potential negative feedback (authentic or otherwise) deter a plan of action.”

Ricky Zollinger is famous for shooting Instagram Reels that pull in views. While he has a certain casual style harkening to guerilla marketing, he also helps various clients achieve that same look and feel. For example, one of his clients, Taya DiCarlo, experienced a massive boom in views after crafting an Instagram Reel that contained all the right parts.

“Developing a cohesive social media strategy helps everyone learn how to market a food product to followers. Use Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and any other social media channels to connect with and market to a customer.”

If Zollinger’s track record is anything to gauge his success by, he’s doing everything right.

Zollinger closes out the piece with a good-natured warning:

“The bag is right there; don’t fumble it by ignoring social media channels!”

For more information about Ricky Zollinger and his methods for helping brands connect with their customers, visit his site and get in contact with him today.

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