Founder of Queen of the Jungle, Maryanne Comaroto, announces a special Sacred Circle online holiday celebration that will take place on December 6.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, December 5, 2022 / — Queen of the Jungle (QOJ) founder Maryanne Comaroto is excited to spread the word about a particularly special online gathering her nonprofit organization hosts, Sacred Circle, which will take place on December 6 at 6:35 PST and focus on a soulful holiday celebration.

She invites all to come and join a safe and supported space and community where participants can come and rest, fill up, and be nourished and inspired in the midst of the holiday season’s hustle and bustle. Comaroto encourages those who join the satsang to come with curiosity, take what is needed as needed, and utilize sharing the gathering as a sacred container where wisdom is shared together.

Queen of the Jungle is a nonprofit organization dedicated to uprooting and healing centuries-old socio-cultural trauma caused by the suppression of the Divine Feminine—the energetic life force that invites individuals into intimacy with their bodies; with the earth; and with the cycles of birth, transformation, and death. This repression of the feminine spirit has resulted in a separation of mind from body, of the body from the earth, and of being from becoming—a disconnected state Comaroto calls “the Trance.”

“Without connection to our own bodies, and without an available vocabulary through which to honor the feminine—no matter our gender—we cannot connect with each other in open, authentic, compassionate, and non-harmful ways. Nor can we perceive our own connection to the divine, and so we foreclose opportunities for real transformation. By helping us awaken from the Trance, Queen of the Jungle rekindles our inherent capacity for intimacy and creativity and our essential wholeness—experiences our spirits have been quietly crying out for, though we’ve been conditioned not to heed them,” said Comaroto.

QOJ’s research-based program rests on modern scientific advances blended with ancient healing practices and is a part of an ongoing research-based inquiry. As a Vedanta meditation teacher with a Ph.D. in somatic depth psychology, a CCHT, certified clinical hypnotherapist, and CEGE, Certified Equine Guide and Educator, Comaroto has dedicated her life’s work and research to developing QOJ’s programs, services, content, and community.

For Queen of the Jungle’s research-based program, Awaken from the Trance, each cohort gathers for six weeks of inquiry led by Comaroto and other graduates and practitioners dedicated to healing each individual’s split from the Feminine. Comaroto’s research initially focused on heterosexual females, but further exploration proved the phenomenon affects all genders.

During Awaken from the Trance, participants are guided through a series of inquiries offered in QOJ’s workshop and involved in an engaging and interactive community. The Queen of the Jungle invites all to come and tap into the Divine Feminine and awaken from the trance into a movement dedicated to healing the divide from the Divine Feminine, affecting change within all lives and communities.

For more information about QOJ’s Sacred Circle or programs, visit

About Maryanne Comaroto
Relationship specialist and psychologist Maryanne Comaroto, Ph.D., leads individuals to better self-understanding and healthier, more fulfilling relationships. The award-winning author of Hindsight: What You Need to Know Before You Drop Your Drawers!, Maryanne is also a clinical hypnotherapist, certified Vedanta meditation teacher, speaker, and popular media personality. She is the founder of the nonprofit the Queen of the Jungle Foundation.

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