W. Michael Hsu

W. Michael Hsu

MEASURE x HACK has distilled decades of knowledge, experience, and practice into this 6-week Bootcamp helping CPAs to advance their CAS practice.

CA, UNITED STATES, March 2, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — MEASURE x HACK, an educational company aiming to free 1 billion people to live their life by using data and systems, announced a ground-breaking release of an accountant-exclusive, online Bootcamp named “From CPA to CFO – 6-Week Bootcamp to Elevate Your Practice”.

The fact is, Client Advisory Services and the progression of the “virtual” CFO has gained incredible popularity, or at least attention, among CPAs. But the fact is, many firms are doing it wrong and setting themselves up for failure.

The intensive coursework of MEASURE x HACK’s new boot camp is tailored for accountants to elevate their practice through the proven methodology and better Client Advisory Service. It’s designed to encourage “hack” (change) for success. What makes this coursework special is that it is based on founder W. Michael Hsu’s, real-life failures and ultimate successes.

In 2009, W. Michael Hsu, CPA founded DeepSky as a management consulting company that uses accounting principles to aid entrepreneurs in growing their businesses. In order to help more people achieve their goals and live their lives, he subsequently established MEASURE x HACK, which draws on a decade of experience from DeepSky to assist individuals in using systems and data to live their dream more efficiently and effectively.

In the past few years, MEASURE x HACK has released a series of financial literacy for CEOs. And now, Michael decided to integrate his 13 years of consulting experience to create a new course for accountants, with a focus on addressing their common pain points and providing better client advisory services.

The new course includes over 6.5 hours of videos, materials, assignments, case studies, and templates, all designed to help accountants achieve more with less.

“From CPA to CFO – 6-week Bootcamp to Elevate Your Practice” Details:
– 6 highly-impactful lessons with built-in accountability
– 6+ hours of educational and informative videos
– 15+ exercises, tools, and templates
– Assignments to help reinforce your training
– Real-life case studies
– An exclusive community only for people who complete the boot camp

“It is with great happiness and genuine excitement to announce the launch of From CPA to CFO – 6-Week Bootcamp to Elevate Your Practice,” said W. Michael Hsu, CEO and founder of MEASURE x HACK. “In the conference, I heard many CPAs say they are stuck in a deadlock because no one teaches them how to do better. I was in that position before, so I decided to share my experience to help them achieve more with less.”

From CPA to CFO – 6-Week Boot Camp to Elevate Your Practice will be available starting today at $2,500. For more information on From CPA to CFO – 6-Week Bootcamp to Elevate Your Practice, visit https://www.measurexhack.co/.

About MEASURE x HACK: Founded by W. Michael Hsu, the CEO of MEASURE x HACK and DeepSky, and also the CFO for 3 other companies. MEASURE x HACK is dedicated to using systems and data to help 1 billion people to be happy, be free, and be better than yesterday.

About W. Michael Hsu: W. Michael Hsu, CPA, is the founder of DeepSky, an outsourced CFO service known as the Accounting Department for Entrepreneurs. The company believes entrepreneurs are the problem solvers of the world and has helped countless entrepreneurs achieve their aspirations through better insights into their businesses’ financial health and vital numbers. This entrepreneurial spirit stays as a vital part of the DNA of DeepSky and now to MEASURE x HACK.

After building a successful financial consulting firm and working with entrepreneurs advising their multi-million businesses through systems and processes, Michael Hsu is ready to spread the pathway to success to people who yearn to live that CEO life.
He took his experience in entrepreneurship and condensed it into a methodology named MEASURE x HACK to serve as a guide to building a successful business, life, and relationship. It teaches anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit to build a system and processes, learn financial literacy, and create business hacks tailored to their goals. Its end goal is to hand back financial freedom to people who seek it.

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