Mediforum MOU Signing Ceremony with City of Nanjing

Mediforum MOU Signing Ceremony with City of Nanjing

Mediforum MOU Signing Ceremony for bilateral cooperation

Mediforum MOU Signing Ceremony for bilateral cooperation

Mediforum - Fighting Against Alzheimer's

Mediforum – Fighting Against Alzheimer’s

To strengthen cooperation between the biopharmaceutical industries of Korea and China, Mediforum signs a MOU for Mutual Business Cooperation with Nanjing city.

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, December 14, 2022 / — The Investment Promotion Office of the Ministry of Commerce of China and the Investment Promotion Bureau of the City of Nanjing held the “Nanjing City-Seoul City Biopharmaceutical Industry Investment Cooperation Briefing” in Seoul on December 5th, 2022.

At the briefing session, attended by the counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Korea, the Director General of Investment Promotion of the Ministry of Commerce, the Director of Investment Promotion of Nanjing City, the Vice President of the Korea Bio Association and two executives of Mediforum, Mediforum announced the progress and promotion of the two-way cooperation project with the “Nanjing Jiangning High-Tech Industrial Development Zone.”

Mediforum expects the MOU to strengthen its operations in China to focus on more active new drug development and conducting clinical trials for the entrance of its products and pharmaceuticals into the Chinese market. Mediforum seeks to attract more investments from China in the future for the development of safe and effective natural supplements and drugs for the treatment of Alzheimer’s and other quality of life impacting diseases.

Officials from the City of Nanjing were looking to expand cooperation with high tech Korean bio-infrastructure firms such as new drug development companies and biopharmaceutical development companies and attract investment and development at its Industrial Development Zone. They expressed great interest in the clinical trial data for Mediforum’s Alzheimer’s treatment medication PM-012 and the non-opioid analgesic MF-018 and supported the notion of beginning clinical trials for the Chinese domestic market as well.

Mediforum is a bio-tech firm out of Seoul, Korea that is leading the race to find a treatment for Alzheimer’s dementia with a focus on producing safe and effective drugs and supplements without the harmful side-effects common in drugs today. The company is the first to reach the 3rd phase clinical trial in Korea for the treatment of Alzheimer’s dementia and the first Korean bio-tech company to list on NASDAQ.

About Mediforum

Mediforum was born out of researchers working at leading universities in Korea in the field of medicine and traditional medicine. Their mission has been one of producing effective and safe supplements and drugs utilitizing naturally sourced compounds and testing them vigorously utilizing western clinical trial methodology. Having seen the long list of side-effects associated with the vast majority of intervention strategies for Alzheimer’s and cancer, Mediforum is leading the way to produce supplements and drugs to improve the quality of life for those suffering from such conditions. The company also offers a vast lineup of rapid PCR diagnostics test kits for HPV and STDs and other genetic biomarkers and conditions.

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