US Electrification with Clean Virtual Power™ (CVP)

US Electrification with Clean Virtual Power™ (CVP)

MicroNOC announces patent grant and Conference of the Year at the Westin Rancho Mirage Resort on December 9 2022 for CSR and Clean Energy

MicroNOC’s patented tech turns buildings into ‘Clean Virtual Power Stations’ and MicroNOC thanks Attorney Bao Tran at PatentPC who secured our company exclusivity on this transformational technology.”

— JK Kim, CEO of MicroNOC

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 5, 2022 / — MicroNOC Inc. announces its Year End conference in Rancho Mirage

The conference will discuss Grid Balancing, Super Chargers, and Electrification Regulatory Overview. For investors and building managers, our speakers will discuss top level overview on the must know building code changes and compliance reporting requirements. Coverages include Federal, State, Local, Utility, and Electricity markets. Of course, the financial benefits of the Clean Electricity Incentives will detail incentives from the regulatory policy enforcements including new passing of Inflation Reduction Act and what that means to you.

We will discuss how the IRA enables a New Real Estate Opportunity by turning buildings into ‘Clean Virtual Power Stations’. How to leverage your existing portfolio, profession, and expertise into a sustainable income source for self and communities as we transition into electrification in the USA and do our part to give a better tomorrow for future generations.

Alice Harron on Electrification Finance Changes & Opportunities
20+ Years of experience in the power generation project acquisition, project development, project finance, commercial PPA, and contract negotiations from both IPP and utility perspectives. Successfully managed and led PG&E’s first PSA for ESS enabling meeting compliance requirements of CPUC.

Adam Wenner on Electrification Changes & Opportunities
As Deputy Assistant General Counsel at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Adam was instrumental in the development of the federal programs and policies that fostered the independent power industry, and his experience includes representing regulated electric utilities, independent power generators — including some of the largest wind and solar projects in the United States — as well as merchant transmission companies, before FERC, state utility commissions and NERC Regional Reliability Organizations. Adam also advises power project developers and financial institutions in transactions involving the development, financing, sale and purchase of energy projects, and he advises some of the largest U.S. companies in the development and implementation of FERC and NERC compliance programs. Adam has authored many articles about the power industry in publications including Global Utilities Finance Report, International Power Finance Review, International Financial Law Review, Public Utilities Fortnightly, Electricity Journal and Energy Economist.

David Fribush on Evolving Opportunities for Distributed Energy Resources in California
15+ years of energy and innovation experience. Led deployment of first battery energy storage system to participate in California electricity markets. Has led numerous R&D projects in energy storage and development of associated software, controls, and technical requirements for major utilities. Author of white papers and technical documentation. Winner of Energy Storage North America’s Innovation Award. Holds BA in economics from Wesleyan University and MS/MBA from the University of Michigan.

Darin K. Morgan, P.E. on Innovations in Electrification – VP Engineering | MicroNOC Inc.
30+ years experience in engineering design and management of capital projects for power distribution and generation systems. Track record of successfully completed projects including NASA, JPL, and other industries in Waste Water, Utilities, Oil and Gas, Metro Transit Authority, and Food Processing. He is Member of IEEE and CA Licensed Professional Engineer.

Newt Kuo – Director of Operations | Foxlink Arizona
25+ Years business development, manufacturing process and design, product and production, operations management experience. Holds Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering from Feng Chia University Taichung, Taiwan and MBA from Long Island University, New York, USA.

James Rector – Director, Solar Lending | Sunwest Bank
Leading Solar Advisory Group at Sunwest Bank, investing upwards of $150,000,000 per year into solar projects across the US, with focus on CA, AZ, NV, UT, MA, IL, TX and FL. 15+ years experience of financing solar transactions for corporations, municipals, and non-profits, along with his venture fund raising in telecom space, leading business development for Concentric Network XO Communications background

Special Guest Attendees

* Lily Mei | Mayor, City of Fremont

* Paul P. Cheng | Vice Mayor of Arcadia and Mayor Pro Tem City of Arcadia
Managing Partner at Law Offices of Paul P. Cheng & Associates

* Jose Jimenez | City of Commerce
Director of Economic Development and Planning at City of Commerce

* Darci Wong | President
Asian American Architects and Engineers Assocation (AAa/e)

MicroNOC also takes pride in announcing US Patent 11177661 covering systems to manage power consumption from a grid with a building switchgear; an independent system organization (ISO) meter coupled to the building switchgear, the ISO meter including a telemetry unit to communicate with an ISO; and an energy storage system (ESS) coupled to the building switchgear, wherein the ESS selectively provides power in response to a customer power demand to prevent a customer grid power consumption from spiking and peaking at grid imbalance highest cost on peak times.

The system advantageously mitigates the cost for both grid and customers is to reverse some of the grid balancing reliance from power energy supply side to demand load side. As each commercial, industrial, and agricultural customer’s demand and energy usage are being balanced and managed using the power consumption management method stated above, the meter(s), resource equipment, and load data of customer’s time of use of grid power versus the time of use of the optimized and controllable resource capacity are then networked in an aggregated energy pool with location identification like a map providing utilities and grid operators real-time information of reliable and available energy at specific times. This synchronization with grid operation method reduces the need to rely on excess and expensive power supply for grid operators while reducing fuel costs for power producers with more accuracy on load capacity needs. Other advantages may include the following as well. Buildings equipped with QBR capable systems helps to defer/reduce the upgrade cost for utilities because the QBR system better matches demand with supply and reduces the extra capacity that the grid must hold in reserve for peak power consumption. As the system incorporates a high degree of control for all parties, grid operators can decrease/defer the cost of upgrading grid capacity. An aggregation of smart switchgears in buildings turn the buildings into smart powerplant, further reducing utility upgrade costs.

The patent allowance was procured by the IP law firm of PatentPC in Silicon Valley. Mr. Bao Tran, Principal at PatentPC, congratulated MicroNOC on its patent award and noted that:

“Having a patent application can be a valuable asset for a startup, as it can provide protection for the company’s innovative ideas and technologies. This can be particularly important for attracting investors, as it can demonstrate the company’s commitment to protecting its intellectual property and can potentially increase the company’s valuation. Additionally, having a patent application can also help to prevent competitors from copying the company’s ideas and can provide leverage in negotiations with potential partners or licensees. Overall, securing a patent application early on in a startup’s development can be an important step in protecting and growing the business.

Securing a patent early can provide several advantages for a startup. One of the main advantages is that it can provide legal protection for your idea and prevent others from copying or using it without your permission. Additionally, having a patent can give your startup credibility and can potentially increase its valuation when seeking funding from investors.

Another advantage of early filing is that you are not required to disclose your “best mode” of implementing the invention in the application. The “best mode” requirement is a rule that states that the inventor must disclose the best way they know to make and use the invention. By filing your application early, you can continue to explore different implementation options and can potentially improve your invention without the need to disclose it in the application.

AboutMicroNOC Inc. (MicroNOC) ———-
MicroNOC’s mission is to pass on the benefits of Clean Virtual Power so that we as a collective society can all contribute to the stability of the grid and the cleanliness of our energy. Our patented and patent-pending services are designed to help users save money on electric bills and reduce our reliance on dirty energy during peak hours, all while alleviating pressure on the grid. We hope to enable everyone to participate in the effort to solve these two pressing problems.

About Patent Professional Corporation (PatentPC) ———-
PatentPC assists clients big and small in protecting their inventions in a variety of practice areas including software, digital health, and medical devices. Our specialized expertise covers a broad range of technical areas. We focus our practice on strategic guidance and services, including patent prosecution and strategic patent counseling. Our experience includes prior art searching, clearance searching, product licensing, and enforcement of patents and other intellectual property rights.

Our patent attorneys have a technical background that gives us the ability to create patent applications that capture a novel invention and also provide coverage beyond the boundaries of the invention. Our combined experience as patent lawyers and our knowledge of patent litigation allows us to prepare and file all types of patent applications that can withstand scrutiny and maximize enforceability. Our expertise also extends to negotiating and drafting licensing arrangements.

Our work has protected startups that went public and has also been the basis of multi-million dollar patent sales and licensing arrangements. Our startup business familiarity and seasoned patent strategies complement and enhance our clients’ business interests.
Our team has the experience to file utility patents as well as design patents. This will protect every aspect of your invention. Call PatentPC at 800-234-3032 for a complimentary consultation or email us here.

It is also a good idea to brainstorm and consider all possible implementations of your invention when preparing your application. This can help ensure that your application covers a broad range of potential uses for your invention and can provide additional legal protection.

Overall, securing a patent early can provide significant benefits for your startup and can help protect your ideas and innovations. It is important to consult with a patent attorney to discuss the best strategies for securing patents for your startup.”

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The CSR Event of the Year – Westin Rancho Mirage Resort on December 9 2022 for CSR and Clean Energy