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Monica Zent

Entrepreneurship is a journey.

Keep one’s eyes on the prize and focus on the ultimate destination — not the bumps in the road.”

— Monica Zent

SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 15, 2022 / — As a female entrepreneur, attorney, and Silicon Valley-based investor for over twenty years, Monica Zent has learned what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur.

According to Monica Zent, being an entrepreneur means wearing many hats and facing many challenges. She states that entrepreneurship is a journey filled with many highs and lows, and she advises that entrepreneurs must be prepared to endure fast cycles moving from one to the other. Especially during tough economic times, Zent says that maintaining motivation, remembering one’s vision, and staying on course can be especially challenging for entrepreneurs.

Drawing from Zent’s personal journey as an entrepreneur, she shares these five essential tips and considerations for up-and-coming entrepreneurs:

1. Maintain Focus

According to Zent, it’s easy to get going in a million different directions when starting a new venture. She says, “The end goal should always be the focus. But that does not mean having tunnel vision.” She adds that it’s key to concentrate on the finish line, but always be open to new and different ways of getting there. She went on to say that entrepreneurs should always keep their eyes on the prize and know where they want to go.

2. Build the Best Team

No one’s perfect. Zent learned through experience that hiring the right talent for the right position is crucial. The most important lesson she has come away with is to work with people she trusts. She says, “Lots of people might have the right skill set that an entrepreneur is looking for, but you need to also consider, do they share the same enthusiasm, emotional intelligence, and values?” Zent advises not to just look at their credentials, but also at how they will fit in personality-wise. Furthermore, she says to remember that they are going to be working in a team, so everyone else needs to get along with them, too.

3. Embrace Change

Zent says, “Many roads can lead to the same destination, so stay flexible.” She adds that people often think veering off from the original plan is a bad sign, but it’s important to recognize when something’s not working or could evolve for the better. That way, as an entrepreneur one has the chance to turn a setback into a positive. Zent goes on to say that successful entrepreneurship is a long road and often, tweaks and pivots are needed. It does not have to mean there’s an issue, it means keeping an open mind about methods that have not been tried before. The capacity to evolve signals adaptability and leads to progress.

4. Have Proper Funding

“Proper funding and resources are key,” according to Zent. Adding, “Funding is essential to the survival of any new venture.” She advises self-funding for entrepreneurs if possible. The advantage is that one retains more ownership. Zent says it also ensures a level of commitment on one’s part and can appear more attractive to investors. Furthermore, she says to consider the question — how can one expect others to want to invest if they will not? And, if one does opt for outside funding, be realistic about the justifiable needs of the business. Additionally, Zent advises that you should not seek a large amount of money just to get it. If one takes money that they do not need, they can appear reckless. She adds it’s important to think carefully about how much one needs and then self-fund or seek it from well-matched sources.

5. Have Confidence in Yourself

According to Zent, it sounds trite, but it can be tough to stay positive when dealing with the unavoidable ups and downs of starting and running any business. She adds entrepreneurs must believe in their vision, even in the face of detractors and naysayers. Zent points out that those people will always be there, so it’s crucial to rise above the noise, but that does not mean ignoring critical feedback from sound advisors. She says entrepreneurs should make sure to consider all feedback thoughtfully. According to Zent, what’s important is to stay positive at all times and not be afraid of failure. She says, “Any failure is just one of many stepping stones on the way to success.” She concludes by saying, “Keep one’s eyes on the prize and focus on the ultimate destination — not the bumps in the road.”

About Monica Zent

Monica Zent, founder of ZentLaw, ZentLaw Labs, and LawDesk360, is a respected attorney, businesswoman, entrepreneur, investor, trusted legal advisor to leading global brands, and a legal industry pioneer. Monica Zent dedicates much of her time and talent to various charitable causes. She is a diversity and inclusion advocate, inspiring all people to pursue their dreams.

When Monica Zent saw a legal market that was ripe for improvement and in need of healthy competition, she envisioned a new business model. In 2002, Zent re-engineered the law firm as we know it to create ZentLaw.

By merging the efficiencies and flexibility of outsourcing with the best attributes of a law firm, ZentLaw offers attorneys a better way to practice along with a winning proposition for clients. By providing businesses with expert counsel ready to provide expert support, counsel, and oversight on even the most complex transactional issues and tasks across practice areas, ZentLaw adds value for its clients every day.

ZentLaw is proud to be a WBENC-certified and women-owned business.

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