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Mo’Nique Lawsuit: CBS/Paramount
“I just want the contractual compensation that I’ve earned.”

Mo’Nique filed a lawsuit Wednesday, claiming that CBS/Paramount inaccurately withheld royalties that the Oscar Award-winning actress and comedian is contractually owed, and she needs to be properly compensated.

The lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Case No: 23STCV08063.

“Mo’Nique is not shy about taking on these David vs. Goliath battles in Hollywood to challenge these questionable practices that are endemic to the industry,” said one of her attorneys, David deRubertis of Beverly Hills, who along with attorney Michael Parks litigated Mo’Nique’s Netflix discrimination lawsuit. “The Parkers clearly demonstrates that after 24 consecutive years of airing domestically and globally, that it still generates money for its licensors and licensees, or else it would not have been running this long.”

Mo’Nique, whose production company Hicks Media Inc. that she co owns with her husband and business partner Sidney Hicks, filed the lawsuit against CBS Studios, Paramount Pictures, and Big Ticket Productions Inc., alleging breach of contract among other things, and is seeking the unpaid contractual compensation for “The Parkers” that she’s owed after it has been on television and streaming platforms combined for almost a quarter of a century.

“The Parkers” is an enormous financial boon for its producers and distributors, but the talent including Hicks, has not equally shared in the fruits of that success, according to the lawsuit.

Mo’Nique’s lawsuit alleges that an audit by the series writers and creators concluded that the defendants “inequitably structured the Series’ finances to artificially depress its profitability and retain tens of millions that would otherwise be contractually due and owed to Plaintiff.”

Understanding that the Executive Producers for The Parkers came to a settlement based on the same concerns as Mo’Nique only adds validity to her claims.

“The amount of money this has generated is astronomical, and Mo’Nique can’t sit back and be treated unfairly while others profit and withhold money off of her image,” said co-counsel Parks.

Parks concluded by saying, “Mo’Nique strongly dislikes that rather than being paid what she is fairly owed, she has to file litigation. However, if this is what’s needed to receive fair compensation, then this is what has to be done.”


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