at the QuickNode's QuickPitch
QuickPitch presentation slide for Moonstream secures one of the top spots in QuickNode’s QuickPitch, showcasing its infrastructure tools for building web3 game economies.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA, US, June 7, 2023/ — Moonstream is excited to announce taking one of the winning spots in the third QuickPitch by QuickNode.

This round of QuickPitch had a 40% rise in the amount of applications compared to the last one. From over 350 startups that have applied, Moonstream was chosen as one of the six finalists to pitch their product to the judges and a live audience via Twitter Spaces. Moonstream secured the third place, winning six months of free QuickNode services.

Moonstream’s presentation was delivered by founder and CEO, Neeraj Kashyap. Moonstream provides infrastructure and on-chain game design tools for web3 games to build sustainable economies with. It has supported millions of transactions on multiple mainnets, and is used by nearly 100,000 active accounts. Moonstream takes on the risks of on-chain operations and has secured smart contracts with tens of millions of dollars of transaction volume.

Moonstream is collaborating with various web3 projects, including games and gamer guilds, and has also launched their own fully on-chain role playing game called the Great Wyrm.

QuickNode, the organizer of QuickPitch, is an end-to-end development platform for web3 innovators. The QuickPitch competition, hosted on Twitter Spaces, offers startups a chance to showcase their innovative ideas and products and to win $80,000 worth of prizes.

QuickNode partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS), OrangeDAO, Variant, and Dust Labs for the event and drew a panel of industry-leading judges, including Jeff Hasselman, AWS Global Head of Web3; Kevin DeGods, CEO of Dust Labs; Ishan Goyal, Head of Ecosystems & Orange DAO; and Tina Dai, Investment Partner at Variant.

QuickPitch is an important competition that supports builders and innovators in the web3 space.

About provides economic infrastructure for web3 games. Game designers use Moonstream for web3 data analytics and to create currency sinks, items, consumables, leaderboards, and token utility for their players. Moonstream Drops facilitate easy reward distribution to players. And Moonstream’s bots secure economies against bad actors. Visit to learn more about the product.

About QuickNode:
QuickNode, the leading end-to-end developer platform, is transforming Web3 and blockchain infrastructure by simplifying dApp development and providing high-performance access to 19 blockchains. Since 2017, QuickNode has empowered hundreds of thousands of top developers and companies to focus on innovation by accelerating dApp build times and offering enterprise-grade solutions to businesses of every size.

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