SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, USA, March 7, 2023 / — Leading HSIO test and measurement company MultiLane Inc. has launched their third generation lineup of optical and electrical oscilloscopes tailored for characterization of 112Gbps/lane signals. The scopes are accompanied by a new revamped graphical user interface (GUI) designed from the ground up with feedback from MultiLane’s partners.

The current line-up of 3rd-Gen oscilloscopes consists of two digital sampling oscilloscopes (DSO), the ML4015E and ML4006B, and MultiLane’s first-ever real-time scope, the ML4100L-SCP.

The new benchtop DSO, ML4015E, comes either as an optical or electrical scope. Enhanced hardware and a phase-based trigger greatly reduce intrinsic jitter and noise. Designed for both R&D and production testing, the ML4015E features high-throughput Transmitter and Dispersion Eye Closure Penalty Quaternary (TEDCQ) measurement capability, and an extensive library of built-in DSP filters: Bessel-Thomson, CTLE, DFE, FFE, de-embedding, and component emulation.

An ultra-portable electrical DSO, the ML4006B is defined by its extremely small enclosure. Built with jitter/noise characterization capabilities in mind, the ML4006B’s enhanced hardware options and phase-based trigger offer very low intrinsic noise and reduced intrinsic jitter to ensure minimal insertion loss even with a bandwidth of up to 70 GHz. Designed to provide benchtop quality validation in a pocket sized shell, the ML4006B is adapter powered and particularly well-suited to be moved around a lab station or deployed in the field.

A 4-channel real-time 96GSps/lane oscilloscope, the ML4100L-SCP is Capable of capturing and displaying all 4 of its channels simultaneously, with a memory depth channel of 122,000 samples. Ideal for high-speed SerDes, transceiver, and amplifier validation, Coherent 400ZR module development, and general time and frequency domain measurements of high speed digital communication signals, the ML4100L-SCP comes with its own extensive library of eye masks and built in DSP-based filters. At very high speeds, small variations in signal timing and amplitude can have significant impact on system performance; the ML4100L-SCP accounts for these changes more accurately than a traditional DSO. A versatile instrument, the ML4100L-SCP can display most signals sent through it, including PAM8.

The new technical hardware advancements of the “3rd-Gen” family are complemented by an equally advanced GUI, which streamlines the user experience without compromising performance. The increased clarity of the setup and eye diagrams is most striking, but the GUI also boasts a highly configurable environment that can suit a variety of user requirements – including automated test report generation against a wide variety of Tx specifications.

“Our 3rd-Gen scopes are optimized for extremely accurate pictures of noisy signals characteristic of 100Gper-lambda,” said Fadi Daou, MultiLane CEO. “They represent a price-performance breakthrough for all forms of optical and electrical signal characterization.”

The 3rd-Gen oscilloscopes will be on full display at MultiLane’s booth 5809 during OFC 2023.

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MultiLane Inc. is a leading provider of High-Speed IO and Data Center Interconnect test solutions from 10G to 800G. Products include BERTs, TDR, optical and electrical oscilloscopes, optical switch boxes, CMIS testers, and a host of MSA-compliant development tools for QSFP28, QSFP-DD, OSFP, and other standards. MultiLane solutions are used to test semiconductors, DACs, AOCs, active cables, optical transceivers, and system switch cards. MultiLane also offers compliance and interoperability test services along with highspeed design consultation and development services.

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