David Bluefield wants to remind the world of the power of music.

Award-Winning Musician, Composer, and Producer wants people to look to music for solace in the best and darkest times.

The campaign’s purpose is to get people to share their stories about a time when music helped them through a tough time. I want the world to know how music impacts individuals’ lives.”

— David Bluefield

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, December 20, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — After two years of pandemic-induced fear, anxiety, and a completely altered way of life, 2022 felt somewhat back to normal. Even so, the experience left the world depleted– emotionally and mentally. Not to mention the years of economic repair and wondering when a new variant or super virus may arise. Then, in the latter half of the year, warnings of an impending recession began to pollute the air.

Music is one constant through the trying times of the last two years, today, and as we move into an uncertain future. Regardless of one’s genre preferences, the music got many through one of the most harrowing events in modern history, galvanized mainstream and emerging artists to release new music, and even gave way to more experimentation than ever before.

Music legend David Bluefield, most known for his music work for Spielberg’s “Close Encounters” and Stevie Nicks’ legendary song, “Standback,” has made it his mission to remind people that music, no matter the circumstances, can always have your back.

His new platform, Music Got Your Back, is intended to be a multimedia experience for musicians, music lovers, and anyone whose day has been brightened by the power of song.

“I believe that music comes from a stream outside us, but we shape it and encourage it to move in certain patterns. There is no other force in the world that can make better outward sense out of what we internally ‘sense’ -how we comprehend the vast range of feelings comprising the human condition,” reflected Bluefield.

More than a platform containing inspirational antidotes, musical information, and access to David Bluefield’s extensive library of original songs, it is an opportunity for everyday people to contribute their own musical stories.

“I also created [How Music Got Your Back] as a contest/campaign/participation for young and old to share and describe their personal experience with music,” he added.

The contest is open to everyone, with awards dispersing at least quarterly and as frequently as monthly. The goal is to reach people in every crevice of the world to contribute their stories of how music has touched their lives.

Being a music veteran, Bluefield also released original music to align with the mission of his platform.

“I created MusicCreationService.com connecting on The Bluefield Bandwidth- as THE Hole to your soul PATROL – music crusaders from Cyberspace -to feed the Nourishment Portals of everyone out there who loves and adores music as much as we do,” David Bluefield elaborated.

In March 2022, the World Health Organization released a statement that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, anxiety, and depression had increased by 25% worldwide. With this surge in mental health challenges and public suicides, such as what we have seen with beloved DJ/dancer DJ tWitch, and award-winning filmmaker Raven Jackson, people individually and collectively need support and healing now more than ever before.

“The campaign’s purpose is to get people to share their stories about a time when music helped them through a tough time. I want the world to know how music impacts individuals’ lives.”

Learn more about David Bluefield and his mission, and contribute your music story on the Music Got Your Back website.

About David Bluefield:

David Bluefield Pearlstein is a Warner Brothers recording artist and has notable credits to his name, including working with entertainment industry legends such as Steven Spielberg (his hands played the Synth talking to the Mother Ship) in “Close Encounters,” Prince, Stevie Nicks (“Standback”), Ringo Starr, Three Dog Night, Steve Martin, Tim Buckley, Garth Brooks, and Ice Cube. His songwriting Collabs include former partners who won an Oscar and Pulitzer Prize and a Grand Prize at an International Song Fest. In arranging and production, he won a coveted Clio Award, ABC TV “Soap” promotion. He was the Director of the American Music Project (sponsored by Herb Alpert and A&M studios), providing music for 22 million school kids in 71 thousand schools). He launched Music Got Your Back to galvanize musicians and non-musicians alike to come together through the power of music and storytelling.

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