Scammers Targeted Hundreds of Musicians and Creatives Out of Their Facebook Accounts Since January; Facebook Support Continues to Provide Zero Solutions

LOS ANGELES , CA, UNITED STATES, June 15, 2023/ — Dr. Suga-T Stevens, First Lady of Legendary music group The Click and sister to rap legend E-40, is the latest victim in the hacking scam that has targeted high profile celebrities with verified Facebook accounts since January of this year. The iconic singer and author was approached by a man who claimed to represent Tony Terry and his upcoming concert that was allegedly sponsored by Nike. Stevens was booked to participate in a Zoom meeting as a qualification for the upcoming alleged paid interview. A few days after not receiving the deposit for the interview, the hacker proceeded to steal Stevens’ verified Facebook page. Stevens was removed from all of her business accounts and still hasn’t had access restored to her since March.

“I reached out to Facebook Support online and I went down to Facebook headquarters in person, nothing has been done. So many of my colleagues have expressed concerns as well, we are working together to find solutions. Afterall, what is the point of having verified accounts if Facebook doesn’t do anything to rectify these types of incidents? I’m fortunate to not have my entire livelihood depend on what I bring in online, I’m thankful I never put all of my eggs in one basket and continue to believe in multiple streams of income. My heart goes out to anyone losing money because of this scam or any other Facebook scams.” – Dr. Suga-T Stevens

The scammers also replaced Stevens’ profile picture with a photo of a character with her likeness along with a gun pointed at her head. It was at this moment that Dr. Stevens realized how dangerous it was that her page had been compromised as she is a known advocate for the safety of women against gun violence. To use her name, likeness, brand and business accounts knowing who she is in the industry and what she stands for felt like a complete violation of her trust. Facebook has policies regarding violence and they make users jump through hoops to verify their identity so it is imperative that they remove the scammers from their trusted users accounts immediately.

As an entrepreneur who specializes in the empowerment of women in business and the prevention of gun violence, violence against women, and the desire to create a safe space for women it was important to Dr. Stevens to bring light to this horrific situation.

Reddit users who have found themselves in similar situations have also been warning others about the “Tony Terry” Facebook scam. While Stevens awaits answers from Facebook, she continues to spread awareness through her Sprinkle Me Social Enterprise which includes the HER Museum she founded. The philanthropist who is also the director of the Work It Well Project nonprofit is hopeful none of her contacts or donors will be targeted next through any of her Facebook pages. Dr. Suga-T Stevens uses her national brand, education, and experience to make positive changes in the community, business, and the music industry.

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