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Mail2Sign simplifies eSignatures for users and enables no-code BoxSign integrations

Mail2Sign makes BoxSign easier to use for everyone in the organization.”

— Alex Panagides, CEO, mxHERO Inc.

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA, March 8, 2023 / — Today, San Francisco-based mxHERO, Incorporated, creator of the Mail2Cloud digital bridge technology, announced a new capability for Mail2Cloud users, which now allows for the automated invocation of e-signatures from email.

The new feature announced today (Mail2Sign) will initially support Box’s e-signature solution (BoxSign). With mxHERO’s new solution, users can email documents for eSignature directly. Depending on service configurations, users can send documents that require a signature as email attachments (e.g., quotes, invoices, contracts, NDAs, other) or add a preconfigured keyword (e.g., #sign:nda) in the email subject line. This action will automatically trigger preset documents to be sent for electronic signatures by message recipient. Recipients will receive documents requiring signature via email from BoxSign. Once signed, all parties will receive a copy of the executed agreement(s). Completed copies are automatically stored within the Box Content Cloud folder hierarchy as defined by customer configurations. The solution will support all email systems and all devices, including mobile.

Mail2Sign allows for rapid, low-cost, no-code BoxSign integrations. As an email to eSignature bridge, organizations avoid the costs of developing and maintaining BoxSign system integrations. Companies can integrate BoxSign eSignatures with nearly any system using their native, built-in email capabilities. CRMs, billing systems, and web forms can send emails which can be used by Mail2Sign to initiate BoxSign-powered signature events.

“Mail2Cloud has always been a Swiss Army knife regarding its ability to support rule-based org-wide or business-unit specific email-based content captures. The solution is powerful as it extends the value and benefits of leading content management platforms like Box’s Content Cloud to include valuable email content and eliminate yet another content silo. It’s been a digital hygiene, cyber-security, cost-takeout, compliance, sustainability, and collaboration winner for our customers. With this new product capability, mxHERO Mail2Cloud users can now enjoy e-signature invocation right from email. Email is a foundational IT application – it’s simply ubiquitous. This new capability is yet another example of our team’s relentless focus on making email more secure and valuable for our partners and global customers!” said Don Hammons, Executive Vice President of mxHERO.

mxHERO intends to roll out the new capability to global partners during Q1-Q2 CY 2023 to support customer activations within installed-base accounts (as may be requested).

The new capability will be available for new customers in April 2023, with pricing consistent with standard Mail2Cloud implementations for users.

“We’re very excited about this new feature. Box disrupted the eSignature industry by offering powerful eSignature tools for its Box Content Cloud platform users. However, organizations still have the challenge of change management, pivots from prior platforms, implementation, training, and adoption. Mail2Sign reduces this overhead by moving the powerful BoxSign capabilities to the simplicity of a user’s email experience. We believe this will provide customers a quicker ‘time to initial value’ outcome!” stated Alex Panagides, mxHERO Inc. CEO and Co-Founder.

mxHERO Mail2Sign can be found in the Box App Center (

About mxHERO
mxHERO is a San Francisco, California-based firm with global operations in Europe, Israel, N. America, and Asia-Pac. mxHERO is a three-time winner of the Astors Platinum Award (2019, 2020, and 2021) for Best U.S.Homeland Email Security Application and a former Box Elite Partner of the Year. The company’s flagship offering, Mail2Cloud, is a cloud service that automates the capture and intelligent routing of email and email attachments to targeted cloud content management platforms. mxHERO compliments existing security and cloud solutions by intelligently capturing all emails and email attachments (both inbound and outbound traffic (or from at-rest systems) from any device type, operating system, or Platform) with no end-user intervention or workflow disruption. The company’s digital bridge also provides workflow automation, email-based content insights, and automation of governance and retention policies. By auto-extracting sensitive email-based content, the security threat surface for customers resulting from email system breach events is reduced or eliminated. mxHERO’s sustainability program allows CO2 carbon offset credits by eliminating CO2 processing overhead for inflight email payloads. Applications developed for mxHERO’s Mail2Cloud Platform work with any email management program, including Gmail, Office365, and Microsoft Exchange/Outlook. The system integrates natively with leading cloud platforms, including Google Workspace (Drive), Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Sharepoint, Egnyte, Dropbox Business, and the Box Content Cloud. More than 13,000 companies and over 1,000,000 users have enhanced their email management and security capabilities with mxHERO’s solutions.

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