Don’t want flashing phone screens in a fancy restaurant? My Drink Order now has a “quiet mode”.

Pick you drink, hold up the phone, problem solved”

— Scott Bourquin

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 19, 2023/ — When My Drink Order launched it was designed for noisy bars and restaurants. Creator Scott Bourquin was simply trying to get a drink at a bar his niece worked in but couldn’t get anyones attention. When he finally did the bartender couldn’t hear him over the noise. Instead of screaming, he created “My Drink Order”. “Pick you drink, hold up the phone, problem solved” he said.

More recently he was using the app in a fancy restaurant to try and get his check. The flashing was very bright in the dark Texas steak house. In an effort to provide a more pleasant fine dining experience and not disturb other diners, quiet mode was added. Instead of brightly flashing your request, it is displayed on the screen in big easy to read letters. Having a conversation and want your check, just select “check please” and set your phone on the table.

The new technology, called Quiet Mode, allows customers to order drinks without having to raise their voices or interrupt conversations. Customers can simply enter their order in the “My Drink Order” app, which is then clearly displayed on the phone screen in large easy to read letters. The screen colors alternate to help grab the bartenders attention in normal mode. At a bar in San Antonio Texas the bartender laughed and said “That gets you a two for one.”

Quiet Mode is designed to for those nicer quieter places where a flashing phone screen might not be the right thing. When you want another round, or you are ready to order, just make your selection and press the smaller “quiet mode” hey. In the quiet mode, the app simply displays your request in a quiet and polite manner. Then move to the club and use the standard mode, get the flashing screen and get your drink without screaming.

The My Drink Order App is available for both Android and Apple mobile devices and now includes quiet mode.

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