MyLand Metaverse™ on is a 1 to 1 digital twin of planet Earth with NFT proof of ownership.

MyLand Metaverse™ on is a web 3 platform, a 1 to 1 digital twin of planet Earth with NFT proof of ownership.

MyLand Metaverse™ on is a 1 to 1 digital twin of planet Earth with land NFT proof of ownership.

MyLand Metaverse™ on is a web 3 platform, a 1 to 1 digital twin of planet Earth with NFT proof of ownership.

With NFT giveaways, prize tokens, and treasure hunt for free Metaverse land NFT giveaways, MyLand Metaverse™ first Halloween Contest is on.

The rapid appreciation has been stunning with land prices increases more than 500% in 3 months.”

— Kevin McInerney

CASTRO VALLEY, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 11, 2022 / — Silicon Valley, California, October 11, 2022 — MyLand Metaverse™, designed for Earth-based Metaverse development and global wildlife conservation effort announces its 2022 Halloween Most Haunted Mansion Contest. Participants will be on the search around the world to find the most haunted land, house, mansion, or castle to tell the frightening tales of places that were once habitable, but now are haunted.

MyLand Metaverse™ first Halloween Land Contest will deliver 8 prize packs plus a participation bonus for every contestant. For new participants, there will be a free giveaway NFT from the Tiger Land Zodiac NFT Collection. The event will be held on MyLand Metaverse™ Discord Server or through an email submission. The contact information is listed at the end of this press release.

“These haunted places will astound and terrify you when you see the future land appreciation on MyLand Platform,” says Kevin McInerney, MyLand Metaverse™ Project Leader, “The rapid appreciation has been stunning with land price increases more than 500% in 3 months!”

This remarkable price appreciation is driven by a unique innovative technology in 3D Navigation. This navigation technology was recently launched on the MyLand Metaverse™ Platform, which was the first in market on Earth-based Metaverse platforms. The new feature launch made MyLand Earth Metaverse the technological leader in this realm.

MyLand Metaverse recently published its updated MyLand Metaverse™ Whitepaper II which detailed Metaverse technology developments that most contributed to the remarkable price appreciation on MyLand Platform land NFT sales, leading a consistent price increase from $0.15 per land lot floor price at the platform launch to over $0.80 per land lot worldwide on MyLand Earth Platform in early October, 2022. However, according to MyLand Metaverse™ recent whitepaper updates, land NFT sales is only an artifact of a primary focus on MyLand Metaverse development and creativity in scheduled development timeline.

Initiated by a team of seasoned Blockchain engineers, digital artists and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, MyLand Metaverse™ set to launch its Initial Exchange Coin Offer in Q1 2023. MyLand.Earth’s virtual land real estate and Metaverse land lot ownership presents investors with a unique opportunity to participate in an Earth-based Metaverse development project. Since its June 28th gaming platform launch, over 80,000 virtual land lots in NFTs were sold in the first month of the launch, and top landmarks around the world were sold within 6 weeks. Global gamers, application developers, digital content creators and Metaverse enthusiasts flocked to MyLand Metaverse™ website on for the MyLand’s unique digital Earth design, future Metaverse development plan, and cost-effective land availability.

MyLand Metaverse™ plans to create world-class travel destinations with Metaverse experiences for online users to be able to enjoy Metaverse immersive experiences and tours of such natural landmarks Himalayas and Eiffel Tower, etc from the comfort of their living room anywhere in the world.

“In the spirit of Halloween, Golly Goblins! Get in now before everyone else does!” says Myland Metaverse Project Leader, Kevin McInerney, continues, “We offer a free membership with no minimum purchasing requirement, MyLand Earth Metaverse delivers a unique land NFT and Metaverse development opportunity for everyone. It draws upon a new group of gamers, digital artists, application developers, Metaverse investors and NFT collectors. This is such a spooky-good opportunity!”

MyLand.Earth Metaverse allows NFT collectors and traders to buy and sell virtual land parcels and high-profile landmark sites anywhere in the world on The landmark sites are selling fast. Investors are encouraged to contact with MyLand Project Team on Discord at to receive referral codes for discount.

For detailed event’s information for the MyLand Halloween Contest and MyLand Project NFT pricing, tokenomics details, please join MyLand Metaverse™ Discord Server or visit for project roadmap and whitepaper. Global online users can also participate in MyLand Halloween Contest via email, by contacting MyLand Project Team through social media platforms and email contacts below.

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