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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 10, 2022 / — The National Assembly of American Slavery Descendants Los Angeles (NAASD-LA) demands that LA City Council President Nury Martinez, Councilmembers Kevin DeLeon and Gil Cedillo immediately resign from the Los Angeles City Council and that Ron Herrera immediately resign from the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor. We also demand that Martinez’ Council District 10 appointee, Heather Hutt immediately resign and a special election be held to fill that seat.

The comments made by this cohort is a classic example of institutional racism that American Freedmen have been subject to since the Compromise of 1877 leading to the genocide of our people one generation after another. Anti-Black racism from the city’s leadership will in no way be tolerated as Black Angelenos are dealing with the school to prison pipeline, intensifying homelessness, gentrification, a surge in hate crimes, underemployment and unemployment.

We support the calls for a full investigation into hiring practices of LACFL and the City of Los Angeles, including City contracting decisions made by these individuals as it relates to the disenfranchisement of the African American community. We also demand that the Department of Justice audits redistricting in Los Angeles to see if there were any voter suppression violations asserted against the American Freedmen community.

American Freedmen are encountering unprecedented levels of anti-blackness in all walks of life. To learn that these sentiments not only exist, but are being perpetuated, agreed with, and acted on with purpose within City leadership is utterly appalling! As the African-American community is facing a wave of anti-blackness from Latinos and other ethnic groups, we as reparations activists call on the Latino community, other ethnic groups, allies and organizations to support the Los Angeles Reparations Commission and the Interim Report issued by the State of California’s Reparations Task Force. Both of these are designed to bring justice, healing and equity to the Black American Freedmen community and to alleviate decades of suffering.

While we applaud the growing consensus that these city leaders must resign, true solidarity with the Black community is supporting transformative policies that will benefit the descendants of person’s enslaved in the United States and American Freedmen.

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