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MUDWTR’s new ad campaign explores mindless vs. mindful habits

The brand best known for its coffee alternative debuts a campaign to Create Healthy Minds Through Healthy Habits in an inspirational new ad series

MUDWTR sees mental health as the defining issue of our generation. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping people harness their habits to protect their inner worlds.”

— Mike Fox, Chief Marketing Officer

SANTA MONICA, CA, UNITED STATES, January 2, 2023 / — What if mindless habits become mindful ones? That’s the question at the heart of MUDWTR’s new series of commercials, which debuted today.

Leading the series is a long-form love letter to the power of healthy habits. Shot in one lengthy Steadicam take (a complex filmmaking technique known as a “oner”), the manifesto illustrates the downsides of hustle culture mentality. Through captivating dance performances, viewers see what it looks like to “grind like a total boss,” “push through,” and “sleep when you’re dead.” The dancers reflect our own mindless habits back at us: guzzling coffee on autopilot, working through lunch breaks and zoning out to screens in the evening, only to toss and turn all night.

It’s a recipe for burnout, chronic stress and poor health. And with 72 percent of people actively concerned about their mental health, according to a new survey, MUDWTR’s campaign urges that the time is now to reclaim our habits to better serve our mental health.

“MUDWTR sees mental health as the defining issue of our generation,” says Chief Marketing Officer Mike Fox. “That’s why we’re dedicated to helping people harness their habits to protect their inner worlds, whether that’s with our products or our documentaries, journalism and podcasts. All of it—our values, our purpose, our offerings—come together in this ad.”

The long-form ad is complemented by four product-focused ads, one for each of the adaptogenic blends in MUDWTR’s newly expanded product line-up. Officially released today, :rise Matcha joins MUD’s flagship coffee alternative, :rise Cacao, as a mindful morning ritual with only a fraction of the caffeine found in a cup of coffee. The :rise blends deliver focus and energy without any jitters, crash or poor sleep.

Another new release, :balance Turmeric is mud’s reminder to prioritize breaks. A caffeine-free blend of adaptogenic mushrooms, turmeric and spices, it’s all-day balance to sip on.

A mindful day deserves a mindful end, and that’s where :rest Rooibos comes in. Made from rooibos tea, adaptogenic mushrooms and mycelium, spices, valerian root, chamomile and ashwagandha, :rest Rooibos helps people relax, unwind and recharge when it matters most.

The products are personified in the series by an all-star cast of character dancers, including choreographer and award-winning dancer Micaela Taylor (playing :rise Cacao), Floyd Slayweather (:rise Matcha), Madi Tanguay (:rest Rooibos) and Austin Tyson (:balance Turmeric). For director and Head of MUDFILMS Chris Keener, dance was the perfect way to embody MUDWTR’s message.

“We knew we wanted to show how small habits will affect your mind, your body, and your life in profound ways,” says Keener, who also celebrated dance in his Netflix series, We Speak Dance. “And we wanted to communicate this clearly even if viewers had the volume off on their phones. So we settled on dance as the ultimate expression of the mind-body connection.”

MUDWTR’s new series wants viewers to know that whatever life throws at them, MUD is here to help them rise with intention, stay balanced in a busy world, and rediscover the power of rest. Because healthy habits create healthy minds—and, according to the campaign, “if you can change your mind, you can change anything.”

Find all installments in the ad series on MUDWTR’s YouTube channel.

Mike Fox, MUDWTR’s Chief Marketing Officer
Chris Keener, Head of MUDFILMS
Elizabeth Limbach, Director of Communications

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