Book cover for Ditch Your Career Plan by career expert Barbara Fulmer

Recently released: Ditch Your Career Plan by career expert Barbara Fulmer

Recently published book, Ditch Your Career Plan: An Uncommon Guide To Freedom, Fulfillment, and Financial Success (2022)

A refreshing new approach to help navigate a successful career path and move to the next level. Inspiring, entertaining, funny and necessary! A must read for my team!!!”

— deNelle O’Conner, SVP Customer Success

NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 1, 2023 / — In Ditch Your Career Plan, Barbara Fulmer explains why 50% of American workers are unhappy in their world of work and too paralyzed to know what to do next. Lucky for them she’s been there and found the path to career happiness.

“After working in a job I had grown tired of years prior, if a friend hadn’t finally told me I could actually quit, I would be the oldest living receptionist in California. These misguided beliefs keep us stuck and unhappy in our work when happiness is not that hard to find.”

Barbara explains with humor, and personal experience, how readers can find career freedom and happiness by waking up, ditching their linear career plan and its self-restrictions, and still stay focused on growing their overall career. Fulmer says the process of navigating your career without a plan need not be complicated. She introduces ways to view their career as a path that develops over time, just as they do, versus a rigid plan. While most career books and articles suggest you follow a linear process of “steps” or “stages”, Barbara believes this just results in getting more stuck, just stuck on another step. She introduces a unique process that works more like a career compass by following the needs and wants of six career archetypes. Readers are never left to wonder what to do next, just follow the clear direction of your career archetype. This process reveals the career actions and path to take that is the best fit at that time.

“I’ve enjoyed many good jobs that weren’t great,” says Fulmer. “These experiences inspired me to develop a better filter to recognize when I was stuck and it was time to move up, across or out. Each of my moves were simply stops along my career path, not the last stop. Following these six career archetypes gave me the clarity to recognize my next best career move, and the confidence to overcome, learn and explore career choices that were the right choice for me at that time.”

“Your golden ticket to career freedom, fulfillment, and financial success is not printed when you are born or when you graduate from high school or college,” says Fulmer. “Nor is it handed out when you join your family business, get your first job, or invest your life savings in a pizza shop. These three career attributes are earned throughout an enlightened career where you stay awake and alert to opportunities, and say yes to your right work at the right time.”

About the author
Barbara Fulmer has a stellar resume and is the founder of Performance At Work, providing career consulting and coaching for underperforming employees, and those looking for their true place in the world of work. She began her career as a career consultant in corporate training for industry leaders like Allergan, ARCO and First Interstate Bank. She served as head of training for United Healthcare/FHP, led US sales training and leadership development for Toshiba, and was head of performance development for Jenny Craig/Nestle. And even a career stop in stand-up comedy. Website, LinkedIn profile, Amazon book profile

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