Possway Lynx Just Released

Possway Lynx Just Released

Electric skateboard Possway Lynx

New Electric skateboard Possway Lynx

Possway Lynx Spec

Possway Lynx Spec

Fierce, agile, and powerful, the Possway Lynx is an all-around electric skateboard that is perfect for adrenaline seekers to have a thrilling yet safe ride.

CALIFORNIA, THE UNITED STATES, November 1, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Possway has just released their best electric skateboard: the Possway Lynx. Fierce, agile, and powerful, this all-around electric skateboard is perfect for adrenaline seekers to have a thrilling yet safe ride. It’s the first Possway skateboard with belt motors that provide higher torque and greater hill-climbing capabilities, improving the performance of the Possway Lynx to the next level. Combined with the cloud 105mm wheels, the delicately designed flexible deck and the 42km range ensure an all-day comfortable ride, making it the best electric skateboard for daily commutes and free time adventures.

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Compared to its predecessor Possway T3, Possway Lynx has many greatly improved features that are listed below:

1) Powerful Dual Belt Motor
Feel like there is not enough speed for the Possway T3? With the powerful 2700W dual belt motor, Possway Lynx moves like a beast and can reach a top speed as fast as 32 mph / 52kmh. Living in a hilly area? These strong motors can conquer steep hills with a grade of 48%, a massive improvement compared to the 25% hill grade of Possway T3, allowing riders to skate in more locations. Steep slopes are less of a concern. It also has continental belts that are more wear-resistant than any other brand.

2) Fantastic Design
Like all the Possway electric skateboards, Possway Lynx features a W-concave shaped deck made of 1-ply bamboo and 8-ply Canadian maple wood, which helps to hold riders’ feet on the deck to lessen the possibility of them falling off. Furthermore, unlike some electric skateboards that need to be turned over to hit the power switch to turn on, Possway Lynx is well designed to turn on and off intuitively. No more bending! After turning on the remote control, just push the skateboard back and forth, and the spinning of the motors will turn on the skateboard.

The Possway Lynx also has a regenerative brake system that converts energy to electricity. Holding the brake when riding downhill will activate it to charge the skateboard. It’s important to note that applying this to a fully charged battery is prohibited. Doing so will lead to a brief overshoot and may turn the skateboard off, resulting in an unresponsive remote control which is very dangerous.

3) Less Waiting, More Fun
For many people, the range of an electric skateboard is the most important factor. It determines how much freedom people have in one day to skate without range anxiety. Possway Lynx uses the 12P2S 21700 Samsung 40T battery with an upgraded capacity 345Wh that can take riders up to 26 miles / 42 kilometers. Moreover, with the Possway 5A charger, it only takes 90 minutes to charge from 0 to full. Possway Lynx has an integrated battery module structure that allows riders to replace the battery easily and quickly, making infinite riding possible.

4) Lights and Mistouch Prevention for Extra Safety
Electric skateboard lights are essential if skaters ever want to skate at night or in bad weather. It’s also compulsory to equip light on their electric skateboards in many countries such as Denmark and Norway. The Possway Lynx includes a pair of 80-Lumen Shredlight SL R-1 that ensures riders’ visibility from over 2km away. It is also compatible with the Starry LED 105mm wheels that flash red while spinning, making riders both safe and cool.

In addition to the standard 4 speed settings, the Possway Lynx has an updated ESC with a Pause mode. If riders leave the skateboard stationary for 4 seconds, it will automatically enter the Pause mode that keeps the board locked, preventing mistouch and giving riders extra safety.

5) Extra Wheels included
The Possway Lynx package includes two sets of wheels: 90mm wheels and 105mm wheels. The smaller 90mm wheels have quicker acceleration and are easier to maneuver. The larger 105mm wheels are shock-absorbing and can hold speed longer. With an extra wheel set, riders can have an option for wheels that best suit their needs under different conditions.  

About Possway 
Possway is an electric skateboard company committed to providing a longer range and greater power than other brands. From beginners to pro, off-road and all-terrain, hub motors and belt motors, Possway offers a variety of electric skateboards for everyone with different needs. They welcome skaters to join the Possway community and explore more fun together!

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