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In response to the Grammy-nominated Iranian protest song “Baraye,” a special 2-part Holiday anthem calling for freedom is being released Christmas Day.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, December 23, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — This holiday season, Chris Pan, the Harvard MBA-educated, Taiwanese American founder of MyIntent.org and the early Facebook employee who helped Mark Zuckerberg learn Chinese, is on a mission. He is using his voice and that of hundreds of volunteers from all over the world to call for equality for women and freedom in Iran. As part of MyIntent.org’s VOMO initiative, a voice movement focused on finding your voice and living with intention, he is releasing an epic 2-part holiday anthem that call for healing as protests continue in Iran.

Influenced by “We Are The World” and written in response to the Grammy-nominated Iranian protest song “Baraye,” Pan gathered concerned citizens to release a special 2-part holiday anthem calling for freedom. Two songs from the special album will debut December 25th, Christmas Day. The 2 tracks, 4 minutes and 6 minutes, takes the listener on an emotional and uplifting journey to connect with the hearts of those in Iran.

The first song “We see your BRAVERY” is about compassion, unity, and support. The second song “I BELIEVE in Azadi (Freedom for Iran)” is about love, hope, and joy. These songs embody the spirit and message of Christ – to love each other.

Chris explains, “On Sunday October 2nd, I saw a video on Instagram of my friend Hedy from Belarus at a massive rally for Iran cutting her blonde hair in solidarity with the women and people of Iran. That really moved me. By the following day, I knew I could use the power of singing and sharing to heal and unite – to take people from being heartbroken to heart-awakened. I called my Persian friend Megan Pormer and we decided to organize an event 3 days later in the backyard of my house. That was the beginning of producing these songs for the world.”

The 2 tracks were written and produced over the past 12 weeks by hundreds of volunteers ranging from 9 to 93 years old from dozens of nationalities, ethnicities and languages, including Russian, Kenyan, Hungarian and Korean to name a few, at various rehearsals, rallies, and recording sessions, with the intention to activate a billion voices to spread in support of the girls, women, and people fighting for freedom in Iran. While you may think you heard Josh Groban, Christina Aguilera, or Kenny G on the songs, the majority of voices are not professional singers (including mom and dads, massage therapists and fitness trainers, and a 5th-grade class, to name a few) and have never recorded songs before. The common thread is their commitment and passion for unity and service – truly the spirit of the holiday season.

These holiday anthems are designed to be enjoyed and easily sung by anyone, regardless of their singing experience. Each song was made to amplify the voices of people fighting for equal rights and for the women of Iran. The songs are available for FREE DOWNLOAD now at vomo.me and will be on major streaming platforms, starting on December 25.

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