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New app lets you get the bar tenders attention and order even if they can’t hear you.

Don’t yell at them, flash them, you’ll get their attention faster!”

— Scott- Creator My Drink Order

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA, USA, November 3, 2022 / — The same group that created Fan2Stage so that you can cheer on live entertainment from anywhere, have created the My Drink Order ® App. We have all had to deal with getting someones attention in loud places. Now there is an easy way. When the bar is loud and crowded and you just want to order a drink now you can use an app to get someones attention. It doesn’t matter if you want a soda, beer, wine or a cocktail, the app makes it easier.

Every day activities have changed and in all kinds of crazy ways. Most of the stores we shop at have gone to self service. Big box home stores, supermarkets, even the post office have gone self serve. I stand in line for a regular cashier sometimes just to try and keep someone employed. And yet when I want to oder, sometimes it feels impossible.

It would be a strong bet that a few people are disappointed that bars haven’t gone self serve. In most states, the law says we still need someone to pour the drinks and deliver it to us. For now we still need to get the bartender to serve us. My Drink Order makes it easy for the bartender and you.

An App to the Rescue

One day while trying to get the attention of the bartender and listening to people yell “Excuse Me”, Scott Bourquin saw a problem and a solution. He created a quick image on his phone with the word “Beer” and just held up the phone. The bartender smiled and brought over his beer.

That night he sat down and laid out the design for the My Drink Order ® app. He realized it would be better to have a series of choices so that for the first drink order you could narrow it down helping out the busy bartender too.

Sitting with his hearing and speech impaired friend with a test version of the app, he used the app to flag down a waiter. His friend loved it because it made it easier for him to order drinks too. The app turns out to be a helper for hearing and speech impaired people as well. All you do is select your drink, press the “My Drink” Button and the screen flashes the drink order in a large font so that it can be easily seen across the bar.

My Drink Order Goes Live.

At the launch party for the app, in a noisy bar of course, the app creator said “We are always looking for simple ways to solve problems in every day life.”. As he held up the phone and flashed Beer to the bartender, he added “My Drink Order is very simple, and gets the job done without screaming in someones ear”

The Bourquin Group announced that My Drink order will be free of charge until it hits 100,000 downloads or November 30th, whichever comes first. They also said the app will not have any ads. As with all of the Bourquin Group projects a portion of the net proceeds goes to support veteran charities.

My Drink Order is now available on the Apple App Store.

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