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Disparity in worldview between sales and marketing departments who often do not see eye-to-eye.

Findings point to new ways to improve teamwork, productivity, company culture, and growth.

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 15, 2022 / — Market Ideology today published a new research report, Worldview @ Work, demonstrating the striking differences in how business divisions and departments skew liberal or conservative. For example, the executive role skews conservative at 62%, while the product development role skews strongly liberal at 72%.

Sales and marketing, two groups that historically do not see eye-to-eye, have strong skews in worldview. 68% in marketing have a liberal worldview, while 69% in sales have a conservative worldview. The differences in worldview point to areas of potential tension and opportunity for improving collaboration.

The research results from an analysis of $2.7 billion in political donation data from the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) spanning January through August 2022. Market Ideology worked with to organize the data for alignment toward conservative or liberal worldview. Market Ideology then analyzed the data in distinct groups within businesses and supplemented the findings with academic research to reveal why liberal or conservative staff may gravitate to one role or another.

“By understanding the differences in worldview, as conservative or liberal, businesses of any size can see how the two groups complement each other,” commented Market Ideology CEO Chris Peterson. “This happens both across departments and within the departments. The two worldviews have great complementarity because each brings its inherent strengths. You just have to learn how each side thinks to understand how they work together.”

The analysis and academic research show how each group employs different cognitive styles that align with the needs of varying job functions. For example, those with a more liberal worldview tend to have a wide-ranging thought style, taking in simultaneous sources with more “aha!” moments. This cognitive style is well-suited to marketing, where disparate information has to be synthesized for market and customer insights. Conversely, those with a more conservative worldview tend to have a more systematic, incremental approach to answering questions and solving problems. This style is well-suited to sales, where teams must move prospects through a disciplined, linear process to close deals.

“By focusing on worldview differences – not politics – a business can better understand how the groups come together to propel a business forward,” stated Peterson. “Each of the two groups has distinct thought styles, empathies, success criteria, and recognition desires. If you understand these things in a dispassionate manner, you have a very low-cost lever for driving growth through complementarity. The X-factor in all of this is that it actually serves to reduce divisiveness because both sides get to know the other side better, making them less mysterious and more familiar. It’s a collateral benefit.”

The research report is free to download on the Market Ideology website.

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