This New Year, “New Year, new you” means prioritizing mental health, according to new survey from healthy-habits brands MUDWTR

MUDWTR is committed to protecting our inner worlds and we hope these survey findings highlight the importance of considering mental health goals when setting New Year’s Resolutions.”

— Shane Heath, Founder & CEO

SANTA MONICA, CA, UNITED STATES, December 15, 2022 / — MUDWTR, the healthy-habits brand known for its popular coffee alternative, has released findings from a survey conducted in collaboration with OnePoll that shed light on the state of mental health and habits amongst U.S. adults. An overwhelming majority of survey respondents reported dealing with burnout, increased stress, and coffee dependency.

Key findings included:
-80% of respondents reported wanting to improve their mental health by changing their daily habits

-72% are actively concerned about their mental health, with Millenials overwhelmingly more concerned (86%) than other generations

-70% experienced some form of burnout over the last six months, with Millennials most likely to experience burnout (82%)

-69% reported increased levels of stress since the beginning of the pandemic

-59% reported an increase in caffeine consumption since the start of the pandemic

Mental health is a defining issue of the current era. And, as these survey findings show, this New Year, the phrase “New Year, new you” must mean looking within and prioritizing mental health. Mental health is a cornerstone of MUDWTR, whose purpose is to create healthy minds through healthy habits. The issues of burnout and mental health led to the company’s creation, and remain driving concerns for the brand.

“Mud was born out of a rejection of hustle culture,” explains CEO and Founder Shane Heath. “Back when I was working in Silicon Valley, consuming unhealthy amounts of coffee and grinding non-stop every day, I was burned out and struggling with my mental health. I created MUDWTR to sip on a morning ritual that was more than just a vessel for a high dose of caffeine. That one shift became a lead domino allowing me to unlearn and relearn a variety of habits influencing how I found energy and creativity but also how I managed stress. It turned out a lot of other people wanted it too and the company was born.”

He goes on, “MUDWTR is committed to protecting our inner worlds and we hope these survey findings highlight the importance of considering mental health goals when setting New Year’s Resolutions.”

MUDWTR creates healthy minds through healthy habits by offering a range of products and content to support mental health and well-being. The brand’s offerings include blends made with organic herbs, spices, and adaptogenic mushrooms. With low-to-no caffeine, these drinks offer focus, energy and immune support without any jitters, crashes or poor sleep. In addition to wellness beverages, MUD creates habit-supporting content, including cinematic short films, such as the Rituals series, produced by the MUDFILMS division, which shines a spotlight on the morning routines of inspirational people. Additional meaningful content lives on MUDWTR’s Trends with Benefits platform and podcast, bringing its community the latest articles and conversations surrounding mental health, well-being, and healthy habits.

With 80% of American adults interested in improving their mental health through new habits, MUDWTR’s mission couldn’t be timelier.

ABOUT THIS SURVEY: This random double-opt-in survey of 2,003 general population Americans was commissioned by MUDWTR between Nov. 30 and Dec.1, 2022. It was conducted by market research company OnePoll, whose team members are members of the Market Research Society and have corporate membership to the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) and the European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research (ESOMAR). To learn more about the findings, please contact MUDWTR.

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