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SANTA ANA, CA, USA, June 9, 2023/ — In a powerful demonstration of the effectiveness of efficient financial literacy and advanced loss mitigation legal defense services, a Santa Ana homeowner, Maria Flores, has successfully avoided foreclosure despite her hard money lender’s refusal to modify her defaulted loan. Mrs. Flores, who resides at 1118 S Shawnee Dr Santa Ana Ca, was four payments behind on her interest-only payment of $6,691.66 per month. The situation appeared bleak, but the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates (NACAlaw) stepped in to ensure that she could keep her home.

Instead of succumbing to foreclosure, Mrs. Flores was offered several options by the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates to protect her equity and homeowner rights as a back-up plan including bankruptcy protection, foreclosure defense legal services, the retail sale of her property to protect her equity, and even a short-term bridge loan if her lender remained unwilling to help modify her home loan. “We cant help everyone get a voluntary loan modification from every lender, but we can help everyone avoid getting foreclosed upon if they just trust in us and work hand in hand with our staff” says Attorney Fernando Leone, a State Bar Licensed Real Estate Attorney of over 30 years who is the Senior Legal Services Director for the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates.

After what seemed like months of negotiation, her hard money private lender denied the modification request, seeming intent on foreclosing. Undeterred, Mrs. Flores decided to place her full trust in the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates, a Financial Literacy Division of Serve All Help All, Inc who obtained their Federal Governments 501C3 Credential in July of 2007. The Nonprofit Clinic having a consortium of over 4,000 Private Investors Nationwide, Wrongful Foreclosure and Bankruptcy attorneys across the Country as well as Multi-State Licensed Real Estate Brokers from California to Florida and Direct Mortgage Lending Alliances that obtain their Loan approvals directly from Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae helped Maria obtain a short-term bridge loan with payment assistance to pay-off her default so Maria could now breath easy and work with the Nonprofit Alliance team.

The final and permanent resolution came when she executed a “Family Gift of Equity transaction” to her children, a solution made possible by the NACAlaw staff. Her son, Ricardo Flores, with assistance from the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates, took the baton and on March 15, 2023, initiated his “Family Gift of Equity” purchase loan. By March 30, the loan was funded thru one of the Direct Lenders that work with the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates.

Ricardo was able to finance his loan with zero money out of his pocket and is now shouldering a drastically reduced principal and interest payment of $3,677.71 plus property taxes and insurances when his Mother was previously burdened with defaulted $6,691.66 Interest Only Payment facing having her Home foreclosed upon. This accomplishment was the result of strategic planning and high-level loss mitigation strategies executed by the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates and their alliance partners.

The Senior Legal Services Director of the Nonprofit Clinic, Attorney Fernando Leone, reflected on the victory. “This case proves our intention to truly be of service and do everything in our power to educate and help homeowners preserve their right of homeownership,” he said. “If your lender won’t help you voluntarily, we can and will look at every other aspect and possibility to keep you from being foreclosed upon. You just need to trust in us and have faith in what we do.”

The Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates continues to support and educate homeowners, giving them a fighting chance to overcome financial adversities.

About Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates ( The Nonprofit Clinic is a coalition dedicated to promoting financial literacy, assisting with all aspects of Loss Mitigation strategies ranging from the very basic and simple free legal loan modifications to the very complex Family Gift of Equity Transfers, short sales, Investor Short Term Bridge Loans as well as providing introductions to high level legal defense services against foreclosure. They are committed to helping homeowners keep their right to homeownership, promoting the principles of fairness and accuracy in housing and credit practices. For more information, visit

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