Cake4Kids Delivers Its 50,000th Cake for Underserved Youth

Cake4Kids Delivers Its 50,000th Cake for Underserved Youth

Cake4Kids delivers its 50,000th cake in show of support for underserved youth across the country who may not otherwise celebrate their birthday.

SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA, USA, June 12, 2023/ — If it weren’t for Cake4Kids, a national nonprofit organization, thousands of underserved youth would not receive a birthday cake to celebrate a yearly milestone. Today the organization delivered its 50,000th cake.

Cake4Kids is providing free, custom cakes for underserved youth coast to coast through partnerships with over 1,000 human and social service agencies, to enhance youth outreach and provide much-needed support. A cake can be a way for a caseworker to make a connection. A cake can nurture community relationships and support mental health. A cake is a way to show a youth they are valued and seen. All of this is vital to the health and well-being of youth.

“Angel is a very humble young boy and he wasn’t expecting much for his birthday. We presented him with a Minion cake created just for him and he couldn’t contain his excitement, he jumped out of his chair and did a happy dance around the room.” Shared Angel’s caseworker from a partner agency.

“Oh my gosh,” said Angel, a six-year-old boy, “a Minion Cake! I can’t believe it! I’m just happy that people actually care about me.”

“Angel’s quote hit me hard and goes to show how important this service is and what a difference it makes in the life of a little one.”
– Angel’s Caseworker, Homelessness shelter program

For many of the youth Cake4Kids supports, whether they are turning 4, 16, or 22, it is their first-ever birthday cake. To make the deepest impact on each youth their cake is carefully crafted according to their favorite flavor and desired theme by one of the 6,700 volunteer bakers.

Cake4Kids’ mission is to make every youth feel the joy of receiving a cake of their own on their birthday. “We are thrilled with the impact we are having on the lives of the youth we have celebrated,” said Alison Bakewell, Executive Director of Cake4Kids. “Our dedicated volunteers and donors have grown with us and continue to support this important work we are doing. We appreciate the generosity and look forward to our next 50,000 cakes.”

About Cake4Kids
Cake4Kids is a national organization with chapters in 17 states. Since its launch in late 2010, Cake4Kids has delivered 50,000 free, custom cakes to youth ages 1-24. The organization proudly serves a very diverse population, baking and delivering for those who are victims of domestic violence or human trafficking, in foster care, LGBTQ+, experiencing homelessness, living below the poverty line, refugees, and unaccompanied immigrant minors by layering its service on top of existing programs within human and social service agency partners.

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