Nullspace EM is a 3D EM simulation software, developed and validated against experimental data for 10+ years. Ideal for simulation of electrically-large problems, optimization, parameter and uncertainly analysis of RF devices. (Photo: Nullspace, Inc.)

Nullspace ES is the world’s only commercial electrostatic solver for extremely large scale, rapid, and accurate design and analysis of structures that support modern quantum computers and particle accelerators. (Photo: Nullspace, Inc.)

Dr. Daniel Faircloth, CTO and co-founder, will present “Understanding the Impacts of the Radome on Array Performance Through Advanced EM Simulation.”

The Nullspace solver architecture was developed from the ground-up to scale across multiple cores, which makes it ideal for design optimization, uncertainty analysis, and SaaS applications”

— Dr. Masha V. Petrova, CEO and co-founder

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA, USA, June 14, 2023/ — Nullspace, Inc., a new startup focusing on delivering advanced engineering software for electromagnetics applications, will make its debut at the International Microwave Symposium (IMS) 2023, the annual conference and exhibition of the IEEE Microwave Theory and Technology Society (IEEE MTT-S). taking place June 13 – 15, 2023 at the San Diego Convention Center. Nullspace will be exhibiting in Booth 2141 during IMS2023 to introduce the industry to its software for large-scale design optimization of antennas and radars.

Dr. Daniel Faircloth, CTO and co-founder, will be giving a talk on “Understanding the Impacts of the Radome on Array Performance Through Advanced EM Simulation,” and showcasing the power of Nullspace at the MicroApps Theater/Booth 2447 on June 15th, at 9:30AM PST.

Demonstrations at the Nullspace booth will feature Nullspace EM- a software for electromagnetics simulation, Nullspace ES – a software for electrostatics simulation for quantum computing applications, as well as Nullspace Prep – a pre-processing tool for CAD creation, clean up, meshing, and preparation for simulation.

About Nullspace, Inc.

Nullspace, Inc. is a software company delivering novel EM simulation tools for aerospace, defense, communications, and quantum computing industries. Nullspace solvers have been under development at IERUS Technologies, an established defense contractor, and rigorously tested on real-world antenna, microwave, and scattering problems for the last 12 years. In 2023, IERUS spun out Nullspace as an independent company to commercialize these technologies. For more information visit or Follow Nullspace on LinkedIn:

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