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Nurse Stucco Inc. is a fully insured, licensed, and qualified stucco construction and repair contractor in San Diego.

Nurse Stucco is proud to celebrate the end of our 22nd year serving the stucco, restucco, and stucco repair needs of all San Diegans. Very Best Holiday Greetings to all!”

— Blaine Nurse

SAN DIEGO, CA, UNITED STATES, December 12, 2022 / — Stucco, often known as render, is a building material comprised of sand, cement, and water. Stucco is a wet-applied material that dries into a solid that is both dense and impenetrable. These properties make stucco suitable as a finishing coat for interior and exterior walls, and many artists use this material while creating sculptures. However, stucco construction requires specialized knowledge and techniques to create a fine balance of mixing materials that improve the appearance and provide a durable exterior or siding to commercial and residential properties. So choosing a qualified contractor is essential for getting the desired results. With qualified, insured, and licensed technicians and over 20+ years of experience in stucco construction and repair, Nurse Stucco Inc. has become one of the best choices for San Diego residential and commercial properties.

Throughout San Diego, stucco construction reminds the city’s long and storied past. Stucco, once characteristic only of Spanish and Mediterranean buildings, is now commonly found in American homes of all styles and regions. Stucco is a great siding material because it can withstand the elements and be applied in various ways, making it adaptable to different climates and architectural styles. This thin finish material improves the appearance and durability of house exteriors. Many reputed contractors, such as Nurse Stucco Inc. in San Diego, use more advanced materials like polymers and other agents besides lime, cement, and water to enhance the look and lifespan of the stucco construction.

“If I could give Nurse Stucco more than five stars, I would. Blaine, Laz, and the rest of the crew have been awesome. […] Nurse Stucco found and fixed these numerous issues and did it with a great sense of humor. They are the best and if you are looking for a stucco company with the experience and knowledge to do the job right, look no further than Nurse Stucco.” – Deanna Watson

There are various advantages of stucco finish for buildings. First, it is fire-resistant. Second, it is a highly customizable material. That means homeowners can achieve different colors, designs, and textures with stucco for their house exteriors and sidings. Third, stucco requires little maintenance and can last up to fifty years. Lastly, applying plaster in layers produces a protective coating around the house, which keeps the interiors insulated and comfortable.

Finding a stucco repair and construction company that can offer customer-friendly, affordable pricing, and guarantee their services, is not as easy as finding a sneaker store in San Diego. So spend time researching, seeing portfolios, and reading customer reviews, pricing, and guarantee period to find a good contractor for Stucco construction in San Diego. Nurse Stucco Inc. is one of the highly-rated stucco construction companies with an A+ BBB rating, providing stucco construction and repair services in San Diego for more than 20 years.

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For over 40 years, Nurse Stucco has served as a leading San Diego contractor, providing expert services in conventional synthetic stucco (all phases) and stucco restoration. San Diego, California’s Nurse Stucco is a qualified, bonded, and insured stucco contractor that serves both commercial and residential clients.

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