Intellego UVC Dosimeter

Intellego UVC Dosimeter

OhmniLabs' OhmniClean Autonomous UV-C Disinfection Robot

OhmniLabs’ OhmniClean Autonomous UV-C Disinfection Robot

OhmniClean Autonomous UV-C Disinfection Robot by OhmniLabs

OhmniClean Autonomous UV-C Disinfection Robot by OhmniLabs

Color-changing UV indicators provide real-time evidence of successful ultraviolet germicidal irradiation on surfaces

SAN JOSE, CA, USA, March 7, 2023 / — OhmniLabs, a leading robot design and manufacturing company in Silicon Valley, has announced a partnership with Intellego Technologies, the maker of UVC Dosimeters, to enhance the efficacy of its autonomous UV-C disinfection robot, OhmniClean.

Through this collaboration, OhmniLabs will utilize Intellego’s UVC Dosimeters along with the OhmniClean robot to demonstrate its high efficacy to customers. Intellego’s color-changing ultraviolet indicator cards provide a visible measurement of the dose of ultraviolet energy delivered to surfaces which enables hospitals to easily monitor the effectiveness of the OhmniClean robot and ensure that their disinfection efforts are thorough and consistent.

“We are excited to partner with Intellego to provide our customers with a comprehensive UV-C robot solution that not only disinfects but also includes UVC Dosimeters to demonstrate its effectiveness,” said Dr. Thuc Vu, CEO of OhmniLabs. “With Intellego’s dosimeter cards, we can measure the dose of invisible UV-C energy accurately and reliably. The integration with OhmniClean will allow us to showcase the robot’s ability to successfully deliver germicidal irradiation to surfaces and improve the quality of the healthcare environment in a very visible way.”

Intellego’s UVC Dosimeters are single-use, adhesive indicator cards that can be placed on a variety of surfaces in a room to validate the amount of germicidal irradiation that is delivered during a UV-C disinfection cycle. The dosimeters provide visual feedback in real-time, enabling users to verify if a sufficient dose of UV-C energy has reached target surfaces. By using the dosimeters in conjunction with the OhmniClean Autonomous UV-C robot, customers can verify the efficacy of the process and ensure consistent results.

“We are thrilled to partner with OhmniLabs and champion their commitment to provide visible evidence of successful UVGI. Because UV-C is an invisible technology and performed in unoccupied areas, it’s important to use auditing tools like color-changing indicators to validate the performance of the technology,” said Claes Lindahl, CEO of Intellego Technologies. “Our dosimeters make it simple for healthcare facilities to measure and monitor the use of UV-C and provide proof of its power and performance.”

OhmniLabs’ OhmniClean robot is an autonomous UV-C disinfection robot that utilizes advanced sensors and artificial intelligence to navigate and disinfect a wide range of spaces, including hospitals, schools, and offices. The robot’s high efficacy in reducing pathogens and preventing the spread of infections makes it an essential tool for maintaining clean and safe environments.

About OhmniLabs
OhmniLabs, Inc. is a Silicon Valley robotics company that produces custom robots at scale, based on its modular Ohmni Robotics platform. Founded in 2015, OhmniLabs made a name for itself by creating a unique, on-demand robot manufacturing model that allows it to design, engineer, and manufacture custom robots based on customer needs at an unrivaled speed. The company produces all robots here in the USA using proprietary 3D printing processes and boasts a vast portfolio of modular accessories that unlock a world of possibilities. OhmniLabs robots are used daily by businesses, medical professionals, schools, and major sports teams around the world.

About Intellego Technologies
Intellego Technologies is a research and development company, headquartered in Solna, Sweden. Founded in 2011, Intellego has grown to become the global leader in colorimetric indicators that are utilized worldwide to visually validate the dose of ultraviolet irradiation delivered to surfaces. Through its patented photochromic technology, Intellego manufactures standard and customized indicators that make the benefits of germicidal ultraviolet light visible and promotes the safe, effective and efficient use of UV applications. Intellego’s products support better outcomes with ultraviolet devices in healthcare, food and beverage manufacturing, environmental services, and more. For more information, visit and

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