OLOID and Okta unify workplace identity by seamlessly connecting cyber authentication with physical identity proofs such as badges and biometrics.

Flex is looking up to Okta and OLOID to enable our factories to be digital, which will help us to accelerate our journey with industry 4.0”

— Friedrich Wetschnig, Chief Information and Security Officer, Flex

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, November 9, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — OLOID Inc, a Sunnyvale-based technology company that provides retrofit solutions for modernizing workplace identity and access management, will present its facial authentication solutions for modern enterprise at the 10th edition of Oktane, an annual identity event hosted by Okta in the heart of San Francisco city. Oktane is being held at Moscone West from November 8th-10th, 2022 this year.

OLOID helps organizations converge the physical and cyber identities of their workforce by creating a unified identity framework. OLOID enables its customers to move data seamlessly between cyber identity systems such as Okta and physical authentication systems such as physical access control systems (PACS), time clocks, doors, turnstiles, parking garages, elevators etc. This confluence of identities not only improves employee experience and workplace security, it also streamlines business operations, resulting in reduced costs and time.

“Physical identity and access management is a critical business process for protecting assets and people, and for providing a frictionless and welcoming workplace experience. Combining Okta’s Identity platform and OLOID’s facial identity products helps organizations modernize the end-user authentication experience and also enable backend integrations and boost security. Working together, Okta and OLOID can help organizations leverage the existing physical identity proofs such as facial biometrics and badges to make the cyber login experience for deskless workers secure and frictionless.” says Mohit Garg, Co-founder & CEO of OLOID.

As a recent example, OLOID has recently simplified and improved the overall employee experience for a Fortune 500 manufacturer, who have a large team of non-English speaking deskless workers. OLOID provided a Facial Recognition solution with liveness detection, and a custom domain for the team members to seamlessly log in to their employee dashboard using their physical biometric credentials. The workforce was also given an option to ‘log in with face’ on the Okta landing page along with the option to use their traditional username and password login. This OLOID-Okta integration also provided an opportunity to connect the facial Identity of the workers with their physical badge ID, thereby further simplifying the user experience and improving additional enterprise-wide benefits.

Additionally, OLOID customers are leveraging the physical identity and access management solutions for simplifying the authentication of deskless worker through out the workday. “Flex is a global company with over 170,000 workers across 30+ countries. We faced a challenge that the factory workers actually need to have access to more information. Dealing with passwords on such a scale with the factory workers was challenging. So Okta and OLOID merged the digital and physical identities into one identity. And because of that, we can easily give people access to the right information, to actually innovate, be more productive and efficient. You can actually use your biometrics or facial recognition to access information on a kiosk where you get your pay-slip, and other information. Now, we have to manage less in terms of identity. We have seen a significant reduction in password resets and associated administrative work. And for our workers, it has become simpler and easier to access the information. There has been a significant improvement in our productivity. So Flex is looking up to Okta and OLOID to enable our factories to be digital, which will help us to accelerate our journey with industry 4.0,” said Friedrich Wetschnig, Chief Information and Security Officer at Flex.

About OLOID:

OLOID is a physical identity and access technology provider committed to providing secure and privacy-forward authentication for the modern workplace. OLOID’s vision is to replace antiquated technologies such as pin-pads, badges and fingerprint readers, with frictionless identity-based single sign-on for physical access. Oloid offers Industry’s first self-install mobile access solution and software reader for enabling mobile and facial recognition-based access while coexisting with the existing hardware and legacy physical control systems. Additional details can be found at the OLOID website.

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OLOID and Okta unify cyber and physical identity at Flex factories