Dharmesh Shah (Operations Director)

Dharmesh Shah (Operations Director)

Shantanu Dublish ( Director of Business Development)

Shantanu Dublish ( Director of Business Development)

In 2023, OVE has planned to integrate AI into its marketing and development strategies to attain more profitable results.

LOS GATOS, CA, UNITES STATES, January 5, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Optimal Virtual Employee has worked tirelessly to cement itself into a booming IT hub in recent decades. It had been a pretty sunny time for Optimal Virtual Employee in 2022. However, this year’s mileage may vary with Artificial Intelligence’s extension in software development and other domains.

“2022 has been kind to Optimal Virtual Employee, and we have signed pretty good deals and delivered many successful projects with the highest satisfaction rates. Fortunately, the year-end recession hasn’t affected us more, and now in 2023, we have a big plan to work tirelessly and extend AI’s role into the software domain”, said Dharmesh Shah, Director – Operations of Optimal Virtual Employee.

Though, Artificial Intelligence is no more an introductory factor today. It has been a driving force in many industries, be it healthcare, education, or anything else, and the tech domain is the one that made these transformations possible.

Keeping such transformations in mind, Optimal Virtual Employee has also planned to extend AI’s role into its software development and other domains. Though, AI’s prominence started from here and reached other domains. From coding to development, AI has slowly leveled its game and helped us discover a new paradigm for inventing new technologies.

Algorithm-based machine learning revs the software development lifecycle and supports software developers in optimizing software workflow during every stage of development.

AI algorithms improve project planning, help with automation QA (quality assurance), and enhance user experience. A recent report found that AI-enhanced software development increased a developer’s productivity by ten times.

There are big things on the way as AI is bringing disruptive developments for software development. This robotic technology redefines how web developers work, do coding, and manage these codes. Optimal Virtual Employee is also working on improving in leaps and bounds in terms of productivity, speed, and quality.

“We all resumed operations from the office after two years of the pandemic. However, it was a challenging but plate-full of projects”, said Shantanu Dublish the Director of Business Development.

Like other areas, AI has a special place in marketing too. We call this process AI marketing which is a simple process of leveraging technologies that collect data. Customer insights, understanding customer behavior, and anticipating their next move to make informed and automated decisions.

Many will be pondering the fact— what does this robotic technology have to do with marketing? The one-word answer is data.

Big data is vast volumes of information humans can’t absorb and analyze. Suppose you see a large value in a picture while understanding each user simultaneously in the audience. AI only possesses such power that can boost every marketing operation.

“We even onboarded new talents for these complex projects with prior experience in artificial intelligence and Machine Learning. By God’s grace, we had a thriving year, and we have also stepped into a new year with even more enthusiastic zeal,” added Shantanu later.

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