Person using free EV charger in Orange County

REPOWER OC helps business owners install free EV chargers in Orange County

Notable solar panel installers at REPOWER OC also help commercial businesses install free electric vehicle chargers in Orange County, courtesy of SCE

ORANGE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 6, 2022 / — With the help of incentives from Southern California Edison (SCE), business owners can have REPOWER OC install powerful EV charging stations free of charge.

In fact, Southern California Edison encourages businesses to install multiple charging stations at various business locations. The power company covers the entirety of infrastructure costs, leaving commercial businesses to wait until the installation is complete.

So how does a business go about applying for free EV charging station installation in Orange County?

How To Get Free EV Charging Stations In Orange County, California

Before commercial businesses need to see if they qualify for this generous offer from SCE and REPOWER OC, the solar company in Orange County provides a detailed list of things one needs.

For example, businesses must have a commercial account with Southern California Edison.

“By having an SCE account, businesses can seamlessly install free chargers on their properties,” explains Eddie McLaughlin, owner of REPOWER OC. “This is an important step, as free EV charger installation in Orange County can carry with it some red tape that can become a headache for any business owner taken unawares.

But before business owners apply, it’s well worth keeping in mind that “…while SCE entirely covers infrastructure and construction costs, the process takes around 6 to 12 months. Install time varies, depending on location, how many EV chargers, and more.”

REPOWER OC advises businesses to strategically plan a potential EV charger installation if they’re opting for the minimum amount of EV chargers. The process could very well impose on regular day-to-day operations. By staggering installations, businesses can still hit their goals without stressing over losing customers.

Business owners also may be surprised by the limit of EV chargers they can install on properties. For example, if a business is broad in scope with hundreds of locations, SCE has them covered, too. The only stipulation is that companies need to have at least four charging stations for the incentive to work.

McLaughlin explains: “SCE allows Orange County businesses to install at least four charging stations minimum. Orange County businesses need at least four chargers to apply successfully for SCE’s program. While there’s a minimum, any business can apply for hundreds of free EV chargers in California.

While four may be a lot for some businesses, the upper limit is ambitious, allowing hundreds of free EV chargers to be installed on commercial properties all over Orange County.

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons for a business owner to adopt EV charging stations in Orange County is the reduction in utilities and embracing the new, green future. As such, commercial businesses will need to see how their specific companies will benefit from this rare opportunity through comprehensive cost analysis.

“Cost analysis is a great way to see how a business will benefit from free EV chargers in Orange County. How much will this help companies save? Go over a detailed cost analysis with a commercial solar company. [Business owners need to] make sure they get the most out of their free EV charging stations. Remember, SCE covers everything!”

And, as readers quickly find out, the benefits and long-term energy savings are well worth the time waiting for an installation. Plus, EV chargers will be indispensable in the next decade, in which California will phase out the manufacturing of standard gas-powered vehicles. This opportunity allows commercial EV chargers to be at the forefront of such a monumental shift in the automotive industry.

Increasing Property Value With Solar Power And REPOWER OC

“Along with installing free EV chargers in California, commercial solar energy experts in Orange County at REPOWER OC. We help businesses save money on utilities with comprehensive solar panels and arrays, ” McLaughlin states.

“We work alongside Southern California Edison and commercial businesses to install charging stations. Overall, we want to save businesses money on utilities with electric vehicle chargers and commercial solar.”

And while REPOWER OC has a deep specialization in EV charger installation in Orange County, the company’s bread and butter lies with commercial solar panel installation.

The company, led by Eddie McLaughlin, aims to help commercial businesses thrive with greener energy from comprehensive solar systems, solar batteries, and more.

McLaughlin has done his research, specifically on how solar panels affect property value in commercial and residential buildings.

“In our experience, commercial solar panels in Orange County are a good investment, and with the tax rebates that the federal government has set up, the cost of having these panels is much lower than it has been in the past.”

Wanting to get to the bottom of such a crucial question, he interviewed multiple real estate agents all over the country to see if there was a consensus. McLaughlin was pleasantly surprised by what some of the premier real estate experts had to say on the matter.

The solar revolution isn’t just positively affecting Orange County. For example, John Romito of Heart & Home Real Estate, a locally owned real estate agency in Eugene, Oregon, explains:

“Solar panels are a reliable way to increase the value of a home by an average of roughly 4% across all markets. Solar panels practically pay for themselves. When factoring in utility bill savings and federal and state tax credit incentives, it’s a win-win situation. Solar panels also provide a sleek, streamlined addition to the home’s resale value.”

Along with an army of other real estate experts echoing much of the same rhetoric, it’s no surprise that REPOWER OC is excited to be the vanguard to such a positive environmental and financial boon.

Contact Eddie McLaughlin and REPOWER OC today for more information about how to install free EV chargers in Orange County and solar panel arrays to increase property value. Commercial businesses have the golden opportunity to be at the forefront of a greener, more affordable way of life that will slowly but surely transform the face of California transportation.

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