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Samia Verbist uses 3D renderings and design skills to craft stunning spaces for home and business owners

Huntington Beach interior designer Samia Verbist recently delved into her craft with two new articles covering gold accents and 3D interior design renderings

When working on a project, I have a vision in my mind that I can share with clients…But when they need to see it clearly before making big decisions, a rendering can allow them to do that.”

— Samia Verbist

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 20, 2022 / — Samia Verbist, a notable Orange County interior designer, recently pulled the curtain back on her thought process when inserting gold accents into new room designs. Additionally, she emphasized how helpful 3D renderings of proposed room remodels

In her recent article, titled ‘Gold Finish: Design Tips For Beautiful Spaces,’ Verbist describes how a simple addition of gold can tie a room together nicely.

“Gold is a highly versatile metal,” says Verbist. She states that gold is much more than one hue. But she assures homeowners that this is the perfect opportunity to mix and match metals, helping diversify a space with accents that make a massive difference.

In short, adding gold accents to faucets, showerheads, and cabinet handles is an exercise in liberal creativity.

Tips For Using Gold Accents

The key to successfully incorporating gold into an interior design comes down to two tips.

“My first tip is to keep all finishes in the same color tone,” says Verbist. “Gold can run from yellowish to pink. There are many variations between yellow and rose gold, and each brand has its own version of “gold,” possibly many versions.”

Verbist’s unique eye for design expertise continues throughout the article, emphasizing the do’s and don’ts of mixing metals and where to use the universally appreciated metal.

“…a second aspect: gold finishes can be brushed or polished. While one won’t be able to find a perfect match when pairing products, one can stay in the same color range and surface finish.”

Verbist closes out her piece with some advice.

“What palettes provide the best backdrop to spectacular gold finishes? There are plenty to choose from. Gold looks great against a neutral background and sparkles when paired with many colors, especially those in cooler tones.”

But she quickly inserts an assuring message to readers in her signature casual way: “Of course, rules are meant to be broken, so I never say never.”
Building An Idea: 3D Interior Design Renderings
An invaluable asset for interior designers and Verbist’s clients is 2D and 3D renderings for interior designs.

Renderings allow abstract ideas to shape an interior designer’s and client’s minds.

If an ambitious interior designer floats an idea past a client, but the client isn’t so sure, Verbist and her team construct a stunning 3D rendering of the space. One look at Verbist’s portfolio of interior design 3D renderings and viewers will have difficulty discerning between the render and the finished room.

In ‘Renderings for Interior Design: See The Creative Possibilities,’ Verbist further explains how the process works.

“When working on a project, I have a vision in my mind that I can share with clients in many ways. But when they need to see it clearly before making big decisions, a rendering can allow them to do that. Rendering in design can be particularly helpful when there’s an unusual transformation. If there is hesitation or trepidation from a client, I know it is time for a rendering.”

Verbist then goes on to describe how exactly she crafts 3D room renders. It doesn’t come out of thin air. In fact, Verbist needs to have nearly, if not all, of the room elements, clearly defined and designed before pulling the trigger on a 3D rendering.

After taking the proper measurements, she and her team make a basic floor plan.

“From there, we build up, adding three dimensions with walls and vertical structures. Next, all selected elements and materials, such as cabinets, surfaces, furniture, lighting fixtures, or a fireplace, must be modeled in 3D. One reason designers must specify the design is that each piece has to be created individually.”

Verbist emphasizes that, while 3D rendering is invaluable, it’s not as simple as punching in a few measurements and press ‘process.’ It’s an intensive process, one that provides results.

“…3D rendering is an intensive process, but the result is worth it. The client will get a close impression – about 90% accurate – of what a design will look like in their space.”

Verbist then goes into excruciating detail with past 3D interior design renderings, explaining her thought processes throughout each project. And she doesn’t just use 3D renders for interiors for Orange County home remodels: she also specializes in exterior spaces. As exhibited with a stunning exterior remodel in

Huntington Beach, she arranged furniture, displayed creativity, and provided the client with a comprehensive, in-depth 3D rendering. The results, to say the least, are uncanny.

Before executing an intensive home remodeling project, Samia Verbist does her due diligence, taking every square inch of a room or space. With signature attention to detail and powerful rendering tools, homeowners can take heart knowing that they can essentially see the room as it will be, with all the minutia involved.

A detailed interior design 3D render is only one tool in Verbist’s impressive toolkit she uses on each project. With a background steeped in the arts, it’s no surprise that her sixth sense for interior design in Orange County comes naturally.

More About Huntington Beach Interior Designer Samia Verbist

Samia Verbist has roots in France, where she grew up and received her education.

After working in different fields, including sales, she doubled down on her love of art and pursued her dream of creative design.

For Verbist, it was the next logical step in her life, having grown up in a home that valued art and artistic expression above all else. With a father who dabbled in photography, painting, and music and a mother who adored artifacts and museums, Verbist found herself in the eye of a creative storm.

She now harnesses that love of art and creative expression to help people overhaul areas of their homes and allow them to feel liberated through artistic ideas they hadn’t considered before.

For more information about how to redesign a kitchen, bathroom, or any other room of a home, contact Samia for the next steps.

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