As a musician, an artist, we have the responsibility to rebuild confidence in our field when we are meeting an industry crisis.”

— Peijun Xu

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, US, December 5, 2022 / — The music artist, the former China Australia Cultural Exchange Ambassador, Peijun Xu, becomes the first winner of the Impact Award for her documentary, ‘June’s Destined Path.’

The 3rd Los Angeles Asian Film Awards, LAAFA held at Hollywood witnessed one of the many historical moments as the Chinese-born musical artist Peijun Xu popularly goes by the name June, now a student in the United States of America USA won the first Impact Award 2022. The category included documentaries with the documenter in it making a cultural impact. Among the many chosen, ‘June’s Destined Path,’ outshined its contemporaries for its excellence and prodigious impact on the intercultural environment.

The Los Angeles Asian Film Awards, LAAFA, the event with the highest-quality films of its kind in the world, appreciated the unmatched efforts of June in her documentary, which shared her impressive, compelling, and extraordinary journey of leading the ‘MARKER AND PIONEER (MAP)’ International Music Competition, which promotes performing arts and cultural exchange events. The protagonist June, the founder and executive director of the MAP, made it all possible by maneuvering through the unprecedented Covid-19 crisis; she made it a massive success with over a thousand aspiring artists and musical ensembles from over 60 countries came to play, record, and share their music, creating a sense of community across borders. MAP has been previously associated with The Los Angeles Young Virtuosos International Music Festival LAYVIMF 2018, the California International Music Festival and Music Education Conference CIMFEC 2019, and the APU Faculty Trio China Tour 2019.

‘We believe that the development of a global community, linked by music and modern technology, can continue to be a positive force in our world. We granted the Impact Award to encourage more people like June (Peijun) Xu to be known through documentary films recording their original contributions to the world.’ —— Lureen Wu, Festival Director at LAAFA.

The film awards underscore June’s brilliance and excellence in the arts field, specifically her passion for music, taking it above and beyond the parameters of cultures by promoting inclusivity and exchange of culture through musical interaction. Her love for music dates back to her childhood days. Pursuing her desire and devotion for music, June performed at concerts in Australia, which earned her the position of China Australia Cultural Exchange Ambassador, a tipping point in her life that made her go on to build a successful music career and become a prominent name in encouraging and creating opportunities of a conducive intercultural environment in the USA.

The viola artist for her impeccable skills at creating rich tones to perfection and mastering remarkable pitches, Peijun Xu was the chief representative violist at the Azusa Pacific Symphony Orchestra and a member of the Azusa String Quartet, where she had the once in a lifetime opportunity to learn in the presence of Glenn Dicterow, who was the former concertmaster of the New York Philharmonic. Her progress traversed with each passing day, and she saw no stopping. In the MasterWorks Festival 2020, Peijun was chosen to perform Dvorak Piano Quintet in a masterclass conducted by Ken-David Masur, the world-renowned conductor, under the tutelage of Ms. Lisa Boyko, a violist of the Cleveland Orchestra.

Now residing in Florida, Peijun Xu is a DMA candidate at the University of Florida, Gainesville, with a full scholarship and an appointed graduate assistant position, serving as Principal Viola in the UF Symphony Orchestra. Peijun won the graduate division of the UF Concerto Competition in her first semester of study at the University of Florida, where she is studying with Dr. Lauren Hodges. She is also a member-at-large of the Claremont Symphony Orchestra’s Board of Directors and the American String Teachers Association ASTA invited her to serve on the Certificate Advancement Program and Studio Teacher Committee. She was celebrated by the Alumni Spotlight of the College of the Arts at Azusa Pacific University, which featured her in the March 2022 edition, for her dedicated services and inspiring career. Read the detailed article at:

‘My experience in Australia was the first time that I realized the importance of cultural exchange, which helps people of different cultural backgrounds to learn from each other and build connections and communication in the global village where each individual is living, and I found my way through music which is a universal language that can easily connect people and build communication. I am honored to be awarded with the Impact Award 2022 by the Los Angeles Asian Film Awards, LAAFA. MAP’s efforts deserved to be recognized and I am grateful it happened at such a huge platform.’ —— Peijun Xu, June.

Peijun Xu has many awards to her name prior to her Impact Award 2022. To name a few, she won the First Prize for the Viola Section at the Charleston International Music Competition in 2021 and the only First Place winner for the Viola Section at the King’s Peak International Music Competition, which included finalists from different countries.

Peijun Xu, June will perform as a soloist with the UF Symphony Orchestra in February 2023.

To read more about MAP, head over to MARKER AND PIONEER. For more details and information about the LAAFA, please visit Los Angeles Asian Film Awards.

About Peijun Xu, June
The Chinese-born Peijun Xu, popularly named June, is a music artist specializing in playing viola. She is the first winner of the Impact Award 2022 by the Los Angeles Asian Film Awards LAAFA for her documentary ‘June’s Destined Path,’ which was critically acclaimed for its efforts to promote an intercultural environment creating opportunities for musicians all across the world.

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