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Taxpayers may avoid the confusion and frustration of interacting with the IRS by hiring a professional.

LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES, March 2, 2023 / — Philip Liberatore, top accounting professional, explains how dealing with the IRS, and tax season, is made less stressful by hiring an IRS specialist. With the implementation of new tax rules, the IRS is stepping up its efforts to assist taxpayers in saving money and avoiding potential legal action, explains Liberatore. According to the IRS official website, when appropriate, the IRS wants to “help taxpayers by taking steps like abating penalties, extending payment plans, expanding access to installment agreements, and providing relief for taxpayers having difficulty meeting the terms of previously accepted offers to settle tax debts.” Although the IRS wants to help taxpayers with its new initiatives, LIberatore still advises taxpayers to seek professional counsel.

“They have implemented many programs to assist taxpayers. However, there are strict guidelines to qualify. It is imperative to utilize an IRS expert to ensure the guidelines are met,” says Liberatore.

Even with stiff laws concerning unpaid taxes, millions of dollars are owed to the IRS each year, says Brookings. “About one out of every six dollars owed in federal taxes is unpaid. The amount of unpaid taxes every year is plausibly about three-quarters the size of the entire annual federal budget deficit,” the site concludes. It is tough to hide money from the IRS, says Liberatore. Even without reporting income to the IRS, they can find financial information on the taxpayer, Liberatore says. “The IRS has limited information about taxpayers. However, they can obtain your records by summoning your bank,” he adds.

According to the IRS’s site, many tax companies and CPAs claim to be able to assist with IRS-related issues. Still, taxpayers should exercise caution, as frauds are frequent and, as the site advises, may also be expensive. “If you need the services of a tax professional, that’s a great option. But please take a few minutes to do some research first. Make sure you’re getting a reputable representative,” the IRS cautions. Liberatore says his firm, Liberatore CPA, delivers proven results and has an incomparable reputation that clients trust. “We offer a full range of financial services and solutions, and though many accounting firms say they listen, we hear our clients,” Liberatore explains in an interview.

“My team of experts has a 99.99% success rate plus the knowledge and skills to help taxpayers resolve their tax problems,” Liberatore informs.

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