PLUSnxt Introduces PLUS Fusion

PLUS Fusion is driven by technology and orchestrated by PLUS’ team to provide clients efficient document review, in both cost and practice

This symbiotic integration between the team and technology allows PLUSnxt to perform a top-notch service and continue to ‘Level Up’.”

— Cat Pray, Director of Managed Review

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 4, 2022 / — Today PLUSnxt, a leading Electronic Discovery Services and Solutions Provider, introduces PLUS Fusion. Fusion combines advanced analytics with PLUS’ team’s expertise to optimize client data to obtain the most precise review results.

With technology being integral to effectively managing growing data, Fusion adds to industry standard analytics by embracing AI and empowering its review team with the right tools to stay ahead of the eDiscovery evolution. Fusion leverages technology in a unique way which allows clients to be informed of the review process at every step. Fusion gives transparent access to daily review insights on project costs and progress.

Fusion’s philosophy is to provide exceptional review by taking a team approach. PLUS’ reviewers work efficiently by keeping the lines of communication open to collaborate in real time. Because the reviewers work as one, they provide insight into the case together, regardless of working remote. This team environment promotes reviewer engagement and support, while providing clients with a high-quality product.

The focus on reviewers allows PLUS to set expectations and train reviewers to work within their high standards. Providing training and trusting the skill set of their reviewers, Fusion optimizes workflows by leaning into the reviewers’ individual talents and knowledge bases.

“Exceptional review is the focus for PLUS Fusion. We spent several months developing custom workflows and applications that integrates technology and automation from hiring through production. This symbiotic integration between the team and technology allows PLUSnxt to perform a top-notch service and continue to ‘Level Up’. The results are proven with every project and the client experience.”

This refreshed approach provides “NXT level” review to our clients and surpasses the current standard the industry experiences, which is more reactive. Visit the PLUSnxt website or connect with PLUSnxt on LinkedIn for more information on PLUS Fusion.

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