A picture of Berneen Cereska standing strong with the name of her song Aywa in bright yellow.

Berneen Cereska “ Aywa” cover art.

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Berneen Cereska

Berneen Cereska against a maroon background in a black dress and leopard print coat looking moody and at the ground.

Berneen Cereska

Celebrating what will become one of the most historical Fifa World Cups of all time, the pop hit “Aywa” reminds us what this event should be all about.

LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES, November 17, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — As the world prepares for what might be the largest sporting event of all time, rising pop star Berneen Cereska has created a song to echo the excitement and sentiment of fans inside and outside the Gulf State of Qatar. “Aywa” encompasses the essence of the world’s greatest tournament and represents Qatar’s diverse, illustrious and youthful soul. Resonating a voice of unity with lines such as, “One love will be the theme song,” Berneen’s “Aywa” delivers a message of love, community and determination, celebrating the fact that this world event is for everyone, irrespective of who they are and where they come from, reminding us that this is a time for the world to unite and be one.

The production of the song brought together a team from different corners of the world with the music produced by American music producer Nathaniel “Keyz” Flowers and co- produced by Berneen and Sri-Lankan producer Dileepa Liyangi. Berneen said, “Lyrically I wanted to capture the true meaning of a Fifa World Cup and how this tournament has always brought the world together as one.” South African born Berneen has stated that being a long-time resident of Qatar, she feels strongly about this cup in particular and felt that it was important to remind people that coming together as one holds a power that can shake the entire planet.

She embarked on her journey of chasing her dreams several years ago and her passion gives her multiple titles such as singer, songwriter, performer, actress, model – but her voyage has made her so much more along the way. Emerging first onto the scene on Lithuanian stages as a multi-talented performer, Berneen since then has brought her musical talents to jam-packed stadiums, Billboard charts and even Hollywood. Her vision is fueled by the “desire to inspire” and she aspires to paint the world with the colors of her sound.

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AYWA – Berneen Cereska (In Celebration of the Fifa World Cup 2022)