Ian Dunlap AKA The Master Investor And Earn Your Leisure To Bring Market Mondays Live To West Africa This December 2023

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, June 14, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Ian Dunlap, known affectionately by his colleagues and peers as The Master Investor, continues his legacy of dominating the investment sector. Alongside his Earn Your Leisure co-hosts, Dunlap, a 30 year seasoned investor with an exceptional track record and investment expertise, shares his knowledge with a live audience every week on the critically acclaimed YouTube show and podcast, ‘Market Mondays’. The main premise of the popular show is centered around the three men sharing their investment experience as they delve into various topics relevant to the financial world. The demand for the weekly show became the catalyst for the live world tour which quickly sold out shortly before the three hosts went on the road. The entrepreneurs added a few more stops to give their followers a chance to see them in person in their respective cities, including the highly anticipated West Africa stop taking place in Ghana this December.

Market Mondays presents insightful lessons Dunlap and his Earn Your Leisure co hosts have learned throughout their careers while Dunlap delivers the material with the comedic timing of a late night TV host, quickly making the show a fan favorite amongst investors and traders.

One of the main topics discussed during Market Mondays was the passing of Sam Zell, a prominent figure in the financial industry. Reflecting on this event, Ian Dunlap shared two key lessons that he has learned and successfully applied throughout his own career.

Lesson #1 from Sam Zell was “be a contrarian but make sure you are correct in your contrarian position.” Dunlap emphasized the importance of being able to identify contrarian investment opportunities but cautioned that thorough research and analysis are necessary to validate such positions. Dunlap famously called bitcoin going down to $19,000 when it was at $64,000.

Lesson #2 from Sam Zell was to “search and seek amazing opportunities in an economic disaster.” Dunlap advised investors to keep a keen eye out for exceptional investment prospects during times of economic turmoil, as these situations often present unique opportunities for significant financial gains.

Ian Dunlap and Earn Your Leisure’s unparalleled insights continue to inspire and educate investors worldwide. Stay updated on their latest strategies and appearances by following them on their social media channels.

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