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Samia Verbist spends hours redesigning and remodeling Orange County homes

Orange County interior designer Samia Verbist helps homeowners everywhere prepare for a comprehensive home remodel, complete with tips, advice, and guidance

All of us will benefit from being adaptable and flexible, understanding budgeting needs, trusting each other, and doing our best to relax. These are the real keys to a harmonious project!”

— Samia Verbist

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 15, 2022 / — French interior designer, Samia Verbist, is a creative tour de force when helping remodel Orange County homes. With a portfolio brimming with key examples of both her work and dedication to stunning aesthetics, it’s no surprise that homeowners all over Orange County aim to work with her and her team.

With successful projects simultaneously in the rearview and horizon, Verbist made it a point to answer essential questions, like ‘how do people properly prepare for a home remodel?’

Her newest blog article, How to Prepare for a Remodel, successfully informs readers of the dos and don’ts of preparing for an in-depth home or room remodel.

Working Alongside Interior Designers In Orange County

“Working with a designer is a big step in making a home design dreams a reality,” says Verbist in her opening sentences. “In addition to having the expertise to complete a project successfully, professional interior designers take much of the stress of a renovation off one’s shoulders. They can also save homeowners time and money through all stages of remodeling a house.”

In seven concise yet informative points of focus, Verbist successfully shares just how being prepared can make living through the home remodeling process in Orange County can make things much easier for homeowners and their families.

The first point, perhaps the most important on the list, is seeking the right professional help. After all, one can’t cut corners when undertaking a massive remodeling project in a home.

The critical point Verbist emphasizes is that good interior design is the product of many people working together. Contractors, designers, project managers, and more make up a robust team that will address questions and concerns, ensuring a project runs smoothly. Whether a simple powder room redesign or an entire floor facelift, a good team is worth its weight in gold.

Likewise, choosing the right home renovation team makes things much more manageable.

“When choosing the members of the home renovation team, don’t hesitate to compare,” urges Verbist in her second point.

“Homeowners want to find professionals who understand an overall vision or can translate ideas…professionals are clear about expectations, transparent throughout the project, demonstrate knowledge about the industry, and stay in touch with homeowners through all of it.”

But just because a home renovation team may have had success in the past, homeowners must ask for references to ensure everything is in order.

“Ask for references, so homeowners can learn how potential team members have worked with past clients.”

Prepare For Disruption

It’s no surprise that dramatically alternating a living space will directly affect the family who lives there. As such, Verbist warns homeowners to prepare for significant disruptions in their daily schedules.

“[Homeowners] need to decide where to stay during the home renovation. Some homeowners live off-site during a renovation, which may be the best option. But if they must live in their home during the remodel, [they must] plan how to do that,” Verbist advises.

“Will homeowners need a way to cook while the kitchen is out of commission? Is one bathroom enough for the family while the other ones are updated?”

The Importance Of Proper Budgeting

Of course, remodeling even one room can become a drain on finances. However, with proper preparation, as with all things interior design, Samia Verbist has vital tips to help avoid any construction hiccups. Namely, how homeowners should prepare to tackle their budgets.

“A good rule of thumb is to plan for 15% above the initial budget,” says Verbist.

“This is not because of the expense of working with a designer or general contractor but based on unexpected needs that may arise or the homeowner’s own desire to increase the scope of work.”

She closes the section with an apt metaphor: “A project is a bit like dominoes – homeowners update one aspect and then want or need to update another.”

She warns homeowners, “On this note, keep in mind that homeowners get what they pay for. There is usually a cheaper option, but they want to know if it will still accomplish design goals.”

Keep An Open Mind During A Redesign

Remodeling and redesigning one’s home is an important step towards a new and fresh look and feel. As such, Samia Verbist recognizes that, regardless of how talented a crew may be, other issues may arise during construction.

Whether it’s supply chain issues preventing various materials from use or an unforeseen problem occurs, Verbist stresses that everyone is on the same side, that of the homeowner.

“When we encounter a surprise, especially an unpleasant one, it will help to remember that the designer, contractor, and subs are on the same team: the homeowners. We all have the same goal: to deliver an updated space that is just what the homeowner always wanted. These before and after house renovation photos speak volumes.”

She stresses that while ample planning will make most projects a breeze, unforeseen problems can and do crop up. In these situations, homeowners must recognize that trust is the bedrock of a good working relationship.

“All of us will benefit from being adaptable and flexible, understanding budgeting needs, trusting each other, and doing our best to relax. These are the real keys to a harmonious project!”

Samia then closes her blog post with her signature sign-off, encouraging readers and homeowners in southern California home remodels to be open to anything.

“Let’s be brave. Let’s be bold. And, of course, let’s be beautiful.”

More About Samia Verbist

Born in France, Samia Verbist initially began her working career in sales but quickly shifted to architectural and interior design. She knew she couldn’t turn her back on her love for the arts, especially after being raised in a home with influential artistic expression.

Both her parents highly valued the arts, and based on her resounding success in Orange County interior design projects, it’s clear the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

After designing projects and remodeling rooms and homes in her home country of France, Verbist made her way to Southern California, where she quickly set to work establishing her bona fides. With a home base in Huntington Beach, California, Verbist helps homeowners who need a new look and feel to any room in their home.

Whether it’s a simple powder room idea to execute or to transform an entire floor, Verbist takes her professionalism and talented teams and makes something out of nothing.

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