Loptr, the villain from the novel

Loptr, the villain from “The Sleigh” and “Loptr Rising” – image credit Max Hawthorne

Max Hawthorne's holiday horror novel,

“The Sleigh” by Max Hawthorne (Far From The Tree Press, LLC)

“Loptr Rising”, the new song by singer/songwriter Max Hawthorne is helping bring horror (and humor) home for the holidays.

‘The Sleigh’ is going to change the way people look at Christmas. It’s going to inject wonder back into it, to add some much-needed magic that’s faded for many of us . . .”

— Max Hawthorne

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES , September 28, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Max Hawthorne, author of the popular “Kronos Rising” series of sci-fi thrillers, has released his latest novel, “The Sleigh”, a nail-biting horror/suspense thriller that’s keeping readers up at night. Accompanying it is the artist’s latest musical effort, “Loptr Rising”, a promotional song for “The Sleigh” and, likely, part of the soundtrack if and when the book becomes a film.

A self-proclaimed “Renaissance writer”, Max Hawthorne likes to keep busy. In addition to penning a string of bestselling novels, he is an accomplished screenwriter as well as an avocational paleontologist. And if that isn’t enough, his first foray into the music industry resulted in the charming children’s song, “A Tyrannosaurus for Christmas”, which peaked at #2 on the 2021 World Indie Music Charts Top 100.

With “Loptr Rising”, Hawthorne explores a somewhat frightening, albeit humorous, side of the holidays. Featuring impressive vocals backed by a boisterous “bad jazz” melody, “Loptr Rising” is reminiscent of holiday classics like those from, “The Nightmare Before Christmas”.

“The creature in ‘The Sleigh’, and in its accompanying song,” Hawthorne explained, “Is a Christmas-hating monster. And I don’t mean it steals peoples’ presents. Without giving spoilers, let’s just say that Santa’s out of the way and it’s on a mission to wreak havoc. In the song, I made the creature sound humorous. It’s a braggart and it’s reveling in its power. With no one to rein it in, it’s targeting families who love Christmas. When I say ‘targeting’, I mean it’s hungry and they’re on the menu. Although the song makes it seem creepy but still ‘human’, in reality, and in the book, it’s a terrifying entity. It makes Krampus look like a choir boy.”

When asked about the possibility of “The Sleigh” becoming a film, Hawthorne intimated that he rejected an initial offer to acquire the script for “unspecified reasons”. He feels that the story’s uniqueness makes it a hot commodity and he’s holding out for the right offer. “I think it’s highly likely that the screenplay will be optioned shortly. It’s going to make a ‘hell’ of a movie – pun intended – one that people will look forward to every holiday season.” He added, “I think ‘The Sleigh’ is going to change the way people look at Christmas. It’s going to inject wonder back into it, to add some much-needed magic that’s faded for many of us, especially after we became adults. Sure, you may not believe in Santa Claus now. But by the time you’ve heard the song and finished reading the book, you may just change your mind.”

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